Struggling to sleep like I've been? This HomeKit Humidifier at 15% off could help

VOCOlinc Smart Cool Mist Humidifier
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Prime Day is finally here, with deals coming thick and fast, but sometimes there's a deal that you see where you realize that it could help you with a certain issue, which is where this humidifier came in for me.

I've been having trouble sleeping lately - sometimes I'll struggle to fall asleep, and sometimes I'll wake up and struggle to go back to my dreams of being a Viking. But while some apps like Dark Noise have helped in the past, I've been looking for something more to help, and for my wife and dog when they've been struggling.

This is where the VOCOlinc Smart Humidifier appeared with a 15% deal on Amazon, and as it works with HomeKit, I can set timers on it to have it ready for when it's bedtime.

15% off for sleepy Prime subscribers

VOCOlinc Smart Cool Mist Humidifier |$38.99$33.99 at Amazon

VOCOlinc Smart Cool Mist Humidifier | $38.99 $33.99 at Amazon

You can set it to humidify your room for two, four, or six hours, and using HomeKit, you can switch this on wherever you are, alongside setting the built-in RGB light to set the mood as you drift to sleep.

The perfect sleeping companion

As we get older, we start to value our sleep even more - especially if we work late or have kids with random sleeping patterns. So it's great to have devices like these that can help in some way to let you have a night of better sleep - and it's even better when it's cheaper.

This humidifier is going to help me sleep so much better, and as it can be automated through HomeKit, with being able to change its RGB lights and run for a certain amount of time as I sleep, I'll be able to dream more of being a Viking more than ever.

With Prime Day deals changing almost every hour, it's also a great way to look into other HomeKit products so you can control the lights, music, and even blinds from your iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV.

But for now, if you want to dip your toe into the HomeKit game with this Humidifier, you would struggle to find a better one than VOCOlinc's offering for now.

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