Snap to it with the brand new Snap 2 Selfie Stylus

If you're someone who loves to have a stylus on you for whatever reason, or maybe you're someone who is totally social media obsessed (cough me cough) and is always looking for the perfect selfie spot and needs a shutter remote, then why not have both with the brand new Snap 2 Selfie Stylus for $35?!

By simply connecting to your Bluetooth, you can use the Snap 2 Selfie Stylus to, well, snap that perfect selfie, and then use the stylus portion of the pen to edit, draw, and tweak things for social media perfection (or even just for your camera roll!)

Think of all the Snapchat and Instagram Stories you can create with ease! Especially since there's a burst mode, too.

Our vision behind Snap 2 is to improve the way we share our experiences with friends. Today, Snapchat and Instagram play a big part in how we communicate. From selfies to doodles, Snap 2 powers users to take sharing to the next level. We introduced the triple burst feature for capturing the perfect moment with three continuous shots. The slim design and built-in magnetic makes it easy carry wherever your day takes you. (Jasper Li, CTO for Adonit)

You can effortlessly charge your Snap 2 Selfie Stylus with a USB charger, but don't worry: you'll have a whopping 12 hours of battery life with this li'l guy.

This is a niche stylus that isn't going to appeal to all users, nor is it a replacement for something like the Apple Pencil on the iPad, but for those who want a tool for taking photos and then annotating them with drawings and other designs, the Snap 2 may be worth checking out. (Mac Rumors)

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What do you think?

Are you a big fan of little accessories like this to play around with, especially if you're into social media? Or do you find toys like this useless and pretty 'meh'?

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Cella Lao Rousseau

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