The Snapchat celebrity Emoji guide

If you're following a couple celebs on Snapchat, then you've probably noticed little emoji floating beside their screen names as your browse through your stories page.

You've also probably been like, "Awh man, I want an emoji beside my name!" But alas, it is impossible for us common folk, as Snapchat has recently said that only official stories – aka celebrities and public figures – will display a custom Snapchat emoji so that you know the account is verified, kinda like how Twitter and Instagram give you the little blue checkmark.

It seems to have all started with Kylie Jenner and her little crown emoji (her nickname and username across most social media is King Kylie, after all), but the number of verified, emoji-fied accounts changes constantly as more and more celebrities discover that their audience is on Snapchat now. Plus, some celebrities on Snapchat aren't even verified yet: At this time, Snapchat is only offering emoji to a small group of Snapchatters, but over time, official accounts will become more and more common.

Here are all the Snapchat-verified accounts and the emoji that go along with them!

Snapchat-verified celebrity accounts

Other celebs on Snapchat

There are sure to be more and more celebrities added to the list as Snapchat keeps getting bigger, but is there a celebrity you would love to have on Snapchat? And if there is, what do you think their emoji would be? Let us know in the comments below!

Cella Lao Rousseau

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