Snapchat Stories show Apple Park as posted by workers on-site

Inside Apple Park

Construction workers have been hard at work on more than just building Apple Park. It turns out, they've also been sharing their daily activities publicly via SnapChat. As first noted by Reddit, there is enough content that Apple Park is searchable on the Snap Map.

If you search "Apple Park" in SnapChat (on iPhone, the search bar is at the top of the screen), you'll see the Snap Map roundup of all public Snaps from the area, which shows videos and pictures from inside the building. It mostly shows various stages of construction, but there are a few times when you can see the long, rounded hallways, the open floor plan with trees inside the dining area, and a landscape shot from the roof.

Snaps date all the way back to July 25 with the most recent Snap from August 8.

Clearly this is unsanctioned by Apple, but it's fun to see inside the building before it's actually ready for prime time.

The entire Apple staff is expected to move in to the new building by the end of this year. Many of us reporting on Apple news hope that the Steve Jobs Theater will be open in time for the next Apple press event in the fall.

Keep your eye on the Apple Park SnapChat stories. You never know what someone will add to the story next.

Lory Gil

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