Snapchat's new 3D stickers bring emoji to life on your iPhone

Thanks to a fresh update, Snapchat users on iPhone can add a little spice to their videos with moving emoji. Previously launched on Android, the new feature, referred to as 3D Stickers by Snapchat, allows users to pin an emoji to a moving object in a video. As you can imagine, this opens up all kinds of possibilities from simply pinning an emoji over your face like a mask, to appending an emoji dog to your actual dog as it runs around the frame.

To use the feature, you simply record a video, then select an emoji from the top part of the screen as you normally would. From there you can resize the emoji, and then hold it down on the object to which you'd like to pin it. Once you lift your finger, Snapchat will do some quick calculations and the emoji should follow whatever you pinned it to.

Lastly, the latest update to Snapchat also enables lens support on "older iOS devices." While it isn't clear how far back that support goes, it's good to see more users can play around withe lenses.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster