Snapfish Photo Printing review: All-around great photo service

Snapfish photo printing
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Snapfish has been around for a long time, and it's one of the best online photo printing services. Snapfish offers free and unlimited photo storage, a huge selection of photo prints and other photo items, great quality, easy ordering, and reasonable prices. Snapfish also helps you make some of the best photo books out there. Learn more in our Snapfish photo printing review.

The Good

  • Free, unlimited photo storage
  • Great quality
  • Huge variety of print sizes and photo items
  • Easy photo book creation
  • So many photo book options
  • Reasonable prices

The Bad

  • Poster arrived curled

Two products in one

Snapfish Photo Printing review: Features

Snapfish photo printing

Snapfish photo printing (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

Tempted by the allure of newcomers on the market, I've spread my photo business around several different websites over the years. But I used Snapfish first. When I logged into my account to research this article, I found photos that I'd uploaded as far back as 2005. It was good to know that they really have stored my photos for that long. Snapfish offers free unlimited storage for photos. You can also order prints from photos that you have on Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, or Flickr.

Snapfish has a colorful and easy-to-navigate website. You'll see immediately some of the many, many options for photos and photo items you can purchase. You'll also see that there are plenty of sales and promo codes at any given time. You can pick and choose which to use according to what you plan to order because you generally won't be able to use more than one. There are always free print deals going on, in fact, if you download the Snapfish app, you get 100 free prints every month. But keep in mind you'll still need to pay tax and shipping. Shipping is not free for Snapfish unless you have a specific code for that, and it's not super cheap. Snapfish does offer the option to pick up your order locally at CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart, but only for certain items. I opted for the cheapest standard delivery and the order came in four different packages spread out over several days. The last item arrived ten days after I placed my order.

I ordered two 4x6 prints, an 8x10 print, four wallet prints, 20 cards (the minimum order), and a photo book. All of the professional engagement photos you see in my order were taken by JMS Imagery. Every item in my order came out beautifully. The packaging was sufficient to prevent any damage to my order in transit. My only small complaint was that the 20x30 came in a tube, so the edges don't lay flat. I'm sure they will settle down eventually, but I laid it face down with books on the corners for hours and the poster didn't flatten completely. In a frame, it wouldn't matter at all.

Snapfish is an online photo service I can unreservedly recommend to anyone.

The cards are nice quality card stock, and the pictures look great. There is a Snapfish logo on the back, but it's not overly huge. The wallet photos are tiny! All four fit onto a single sheet the size of a 4x6 print. I don't mind the tiny size, I was just surprised to see it since I hadn't read the description that closely. I ordered a 4x6 color print and a black and white print, they both look exactly as expected. I took the color print with my iPhone, so Snapfish recommended that I order it as 4x5.3 instead of 4x6. These proportions suit smartphone photos better, as a smartphone photo ordered as a 4x6 will need substantial cropping.

Ordering the photobook was easy and fun. There were so very many choices of sizes, themes, stickers, text, and other embellishments. I got the smallest, least expensive book and it's adorable. Super thin with a softcover, it's light and portable. Of course, you can also order a large coffee-table sized book, a premium leather cover, and lay-flat pages if you wish.

There are so many other photo items you can order besides prints, you seriously can't run out of stuff to order. Blankets, jewelry, mugs, and phone cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Photo gifts make amazing gifts of course.

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Print size rangeFrom mini wallets to 20x30
Photo booksYes
Variety of photo products availableHuge
Free shippingNo
Cloud storageYes, free and unlimited
Shipping timeTen days
Auto-cropYes, but easy to edit
Photo correctionsYes
Option to pick up locallyYes: CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart
Upload photos from other websitesYes: Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, or Flickr
All items arrived undamagedYes
Photo qualityGreat
iOS appYes, and it gives you 100 free prints per month

All of the things

Snapfish Photo Printing review: What I like

Snapfish has everything I look for in a photo printing service: free unlimited photo storage, a huge variety of high-quality prints and products, easy and creative photo bookmaker, decent price and shipping speed, protective packaging and plenty of coupon codes.

Snapfish photo printing

Snapfish Photo book lifestyle (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

Tiny quibbles

Snapfish Photo Printing review: What I don't like

Most photo services send the large format prints rolled in a tube, which means they arrive with curled-up edges. I don't love that, but it's not the end of the world as they do settle down.

Many photo printing services do put their logo on the back of the cards, at least Snapfish's is among the smaller-sized logos. Also, the spacing of the letters on the front of the card is odd, but I probably could have fixed that if I'd noticed it while editing. I'm not sure why the default would be the weird spacing, though.

Highly recommended

Snapfish Photo Printing review: Bottom line

Snapfish's quality is great, prices are reasonable, and the website is easy to use. The selection of photo prints and gifts that Snapfish offers is enormous. I make a lot of photo books and their platform to make books is nicely done. The free, unlimited storage is a nice touch. The Snapfish app that lets you get 100 prints for free every month (though you do pay tax and shipping.) In fact the app is one of the best photo book apps, which is quite convenient for making photo books on the go. Snapfish's packaging was sufficient to prevent damage, though you will get your posters rolled in a tube. While the photo cards have a Snapfish logo on the back, I still rank it among the best photo cards. These are tiny complaints in the scheme of things. Snapfish is an online photo service I can unreservedly recommend to anyone.

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