Some app developers are upset over location tracking changes in iOS 13

What you need to know

  • Seven app developers sent a letter to Tim Cook voicing concerns over location tracking changes to iOS 13.
  • Their main concern is that the "Always Allow" option has been removed from the page that pops up when a new app is installed.
  • The companies also voiced concerns over other issues like the changes to VoIP in iOS 13.

Apple is making some changes to the way location tracking works in iOS 13 and many developers aren't happy. According to The Information, seven app developers collectively sent Apple CEO Tim Cook a letter to voice their frustrations and concerns.

The seven app developers in question are for the apps Tile, Arity, Life360, Zenly, Zendrive, Twenty and Happn. The chief complaint in the letter is that Apple removed the "Always Allow" option during the initial set-up of an app and replaced it with "Allow While Using" and "Allow Once." The "Always Allow" option is still available, but only through the Privacy settings.

Given the option is not readily available for users, these companies believe that if customers aren't technically proficient with their phones, they won't have a way to turn it on. They did present a solution that would be a two-step process letting users confirm locations where these apps could use the always allow tracking, but it's unclear if Apple will adopt it.

Additionally, the companies also voiced concerns over the reported changes to VoIP in iOS 13.

Apple is said to be working with these companies to find a solution. However, seeing as Apple has taken many steps to limit location tracking, this might prove tough. May services regularly abuse tracking features, which is why Apple is changing them with iOS 13 in the first place.

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Danny Zepeda