Some Apple Arcade titles will be available on console, too

What you need to know

  • Not all games offered by Apple Arcade are exclusive to the service.
  • Some titles will be available for PC and console.
  • However, the games will apparently not be offered on Android.

Over the past few months, Apple has billed its new Arcade gaming service as a place to experience "over 100 new and exclusive games." But it turns out that not every game headed to Apple Arcade is exclusive to the service.

While the company never stated every game coming to the service would be exclusive, it's easy to see why consumers might think otherwise. It appears what exclusive really means is any games available through Apple Arcade won't be released on Android. At least, that's according to 9to5Mac, who seemingly got clarification ahead of Arcade's launch.

On Apple's website, it says, "Users will not find the games on any other mobile platform or subscription service." Some titles destined for Apple Arcade are coming to PC and console, including Nintendo's Switch. On Apple's website under the "new and exclusive" section, games like Ballistic Baseball, Overland, Rayman Mini, and Steven Universe: Unleash the Light are listed.

At $4.99, Apple Arcade subscribers get unlimited access to over 100 games that can be played on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. When the service launches for iPhones on September 19, a one-month free trial will be offered.

Apple Arcade's library will continue to expand in the coming weeks as more games are introduced.

Brandon Russell