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What you need to know

  • Some Apple Watch Series 6 configurations are seeing ship dates in November already.
  • Dates vary highly between the different materials and bands desired.
  • The blue and red Apple Watch Series 6 models seem to be the most affected.

Hours after being announced at Apple's September event, some Apple Watch configurations are seeing ship dates slip into November, despite the company announcing that the new watches would intially be available starting this Friday.

While the availability varies depending on the material, size, and band you desire, the watch models most affected by the shipping delays appear to be the new colors that were unveiled today: Blue and Red. Cellular models also appear to be shipping later than their GPS counterparts.

The Apple Watch Series 6 in a Blue Aluminum, for example, is seeing ship dates in mid-November for the 44mm in the Cellular configuration. If you change the band, however, you can get it as soon as mid-October.

Your scenario will vary completely depending on the specific Apple Watch and band you want. However, it is looking like Apple's stock is going fast, so if you are planning on picking one up you need to do it sooner than later. Otherwise, you'll potentially be waiting a while.

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Apple Watch Series 6 Blue Braided Solo Loop

Apple Watch Series 6

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Apple Watch Series 6 features a Blood Oxygen sensor, new colors and watchOS 7

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