Some watchOS 4 features missing from Series 0 Apple Watch

With watchOS 4, there are dozens of new features and design tweaks that improve the Apple Watch's usability. Unfortunately for early adopters, some of those features have been excluded in the first-generation Apple Watch.

To be clear, the first-generation Apple Watch is not Apple Watch Series 1. It's the first Apple Watch that Apple sold in April of 2015. Around here, we call it Series 0. If you purchased your Apple Watch new on or around September 2016, you probably don't have a Series 0 Apple Watch.

The excluded features, as first noticed by J Travers and confirmed by an Apple Support document about watchOS 4, include the ability to automatically start a synced music playlist when starting a workout and the resting heart rate feature Apple demoed on stage a the fall Apple Event.

There is no information at this time whether those missing features will later be added to Apple Watch Series 0, or why it was left out of the watchOS 4 launch for the first-generation model.

Though it's only two features, it's unfortunate that early adopters don't get the full treatment. Maybe it's time for that LTE upgrade after all.

What do you think?

How do you feel about the features left out of the first-generation Apple Watch? Is it small potatoes compared to the dozens of features that are included?

Lory Gil

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