Someone at Apple is editing ZZ Top's Wikipedia articles

Zz Top
Zz Top (Image credit: ZZ Top)

What you need to know

  • Someone at Apple is making edits to ZZ Top articles on Wikipedia.
  • The individual removed the band as 'Southern Rock' on their Best of ZZ Top article.
  • They also edited the articles for all of the band's studio albums.

Someone at Apple is so confident that ZZ Top isn't 'Southern Rock' that they changed the band's genre on Wikipedia.

Spotted by valleyedits on Twitter, which describes itself as an account that tracks "anonymous Wikipedia edits from Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and Wikimedia Foundation IP addresses," it appears that someone from Apple made an anonymous edit to the Best of ZZ Top article.

If you look at the history of changes made to the article, you can see an edit made on February 23 that removes 'Southern Rock' from the list of genres that ZZ Top transcends. Whoever made the edit apparently still believes that the band does fall into the boogie rock, hard rock, blues rock, and Texas blues genres.

Zz Top Genre Change

Zz Top Genre Change (Image credit: Wikipedia)

Looking at the contributions of the that reveals that they have made multiple changes to ZZ Top articles across Wikipedia, including changes to all of the articles that cover the band's studio records.

Looking up the IP address on the Whois Gateway website revealed that the person who made these changes was from Apple in Cupertino.

It's currently unclear why the changes were made, and if this was something being done formally by Apple or by an employee that just happens to be incredibly passionate about the genre that ZZ Top is included in. Whatever the case, it's amusing to see such a subtle yet odd change made from within Apple itself.

If you've found yourself humming some ZZ Top while reading this, feel free to give 'em all your lovin' on Apple Music.

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