Speculation about Apple's September event invite is already in full swing

What you need to know

  • Apple today sent out invites for its September 10 event where it'll unveil the next iPhone.
  • Speculation is already rampant about whether Apple is giving us a tease with the invites.
  • Some suggest it includes the new colors for the iPhone 11R.

Today, Apple sent out invites for its upcoming September 10 event where it's expected to announce the new iPhones. We've already done a deep dive about what to expect from the event, but people have taken it a step further and begun to hyper analyze the invite (via 9to5Mac). So is Apple teasing us?

Let's take a look at the logo and examine it.

In case you haven't seen the "By innovation only" invite, the most eye-catching part is the colorful logo at the top. It has a mixture of five colors each occupying a specific part of the logo, much like the original rainbow logo.

Apple event image

Apple event image (Image credit: Apple)

However, these colors are quite peculiar. Three of the colors match options already available for the iPhone XR—blue, yellow and red—while the other two look a lot like the rumored new color options for the iPhone 11R this year: green and lavender.

The Mac Otakara report, which surfaced back in May, suggested Apple was going to get rid of the coral and blue color options while adding two new versions. Apple would then offer the iPhone 11R in white, black, yellow, green, lavender and red.

The only problem with the theory is that Apple included the blue color in the logo, which the report said could be axed. Maybe it is Apple's way of throwing speculators off the scent?

We have no confirmation of this theory, but the pieces do fit together nicely. Unless Apple suffers a big leak in the lead-up, we're going to have to wait until the September 10 event to confirm whether Apple is teasing people.

iMore will be at the event, so we'll bring you complete coverage of everything Apple announces.

What to expect from Apple's September 10 event

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