Sphero has just announced Specdrums at CES 2019. The Specdrums is a music-focused product for kids, which also incorporates the STEAM learning method.

No matter if the kid is already artistically-inclined or just a beginner, the Specdrums will meet them at their skill level when it comes to moving and tapping to create rhythm and sound. The product encourages kids to improve their critical reasoning, language, and motor skills through the art of music. It's also great for discovering an artistic form of coding using just their imagination.

"Sphero recognizes Specdrums as an opportunity to engage kids at the intersection of arts, math, science, and technology, building a parallel framework between coding and music composition," said Paul Berberian, CEO of Sphero. "By seeing the world around them as a canvas, kids are able to use Specdrums to create their own songs using coding, which is really exciting for them, their parents and their teachers. Meanwhile, the creative pattern-making of loops and sounds strengthens their math and problem-solving skills."

The Specdrums are available right now on sphero.com and start shipping the week of January 15, and they'll be available at select retailers in Spring 2019. Specdrums retail for $64.99 for one-ring and $99.99 for two rings. The features of the Specdrums include the following:

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  • Customizable sounds that allow users to explore over 100 instrument types and their unique sounds
  • App-enabled silicone rings that are highly durable and also come with motion and light sensors that turn color into sound
  • A multi-color playpad to tap the rings on
  • Full Bluetooth capability to connect, play, and learn
  • Compatible with all apps that integrate Bluetooth MIDI

Specdrums were originally developed with educators in mind, but this product helps children transition from the classroom to the home. Sphero's ultimate goal is to reach even more classrooms across the world in order to help teachers engage students effectively through hands-on music and STEAM tools.