Spotify is reportedly talking to Apple about adding Siri integration to its iOS app

Spotify (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple is reportedly talking to Spotify about adding Siri integration to its iOS app.
  • This would allow Spotify users to play songs, albums and playlists through Siri.
  • Talks were spurred by new Siri APIs Apple added with iOS 13 that allow for better third party integration.

Spotify is reportedly holding talks with Apple about integrating Siri with its iOS app to let users control music playback by asking the iPhone voice assistant. First reported by The Information, the talks first began when Apple introduced a more open SiriKit framework with certain APIs to allow better third party integration.

Here's what the original report said:

Spotify, the world's most popular streaming service, is currently discussing a plan with Apple to let iPhone users tell Siri to play songs, playlists and albums with voice commands, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

The move is likely spurred by the open API in iOS 13, but it might also have something to do with burying the animosity (to a certain degree) between the two companies. Spotify has accused Apple of enacting antitrust practices while Apple has had to deal with the brunt of this criticism for its other services.

In fact, Spotify has removed some hard language aimed at Apple one of its sites dedicated to highlighting some of the anti-competitive moves the iPhone maker has taken against it.

A deal between the two companies would benefit each party. Spotify would get a feature that users crave while Apple would quell complaints about favoring its own services over competitors on its platforms.

It's unclear if the move would extend to HomePod support, something Spotify users would truly welcome. As it stands, the speaker hasn't truly broken out as it has an expensive price and support for non-Apple services is quite limited. It could be another way for Apple to add functionality to its smart speaker that could make it more appealing.

With iOS 13 launching next month, this could move along talks between Apple and Spotify to reach a deal.

Danny Zepeda