Spotify's Soundtrap launches revamped free tier with unlimited storage

What you need to know

  • Soundtrap is now offered a free tier that offers unlimited storage.
  • Users will also get access to 2,210 music loops and 210 software instruments.
  • The move follows parent company Spotify's own free tier.

Soundtrap today announced it is revamping its free tier to include unlimited storage for all those music or podcast creators out there. The Spotify-owned company is a software tool that lets users edit their recordings in a collaborative setting.

Previously, the free tier for the service only offered five saved projects. More so, it capped out other tools such as music loops (750) and software instruments. Now users on the free tier will get unlimited storage, 2,210 loops, and 210 software instruments.

Here's what Per Emanuelsson, managing director of Soundtrap at Spotify, had to say on the news:

This new version gives freedom to anyone who likes to be creative with music or podcasts, and we are very excited to see what our users will do with all the new capacity. Any creator will now be able to store all their great ideas. They can keep them around for future reference and then share them with friends to collaborate or edit them as suits their needs.

Soundtraps free tier now matches a similar one offered by parent company Spotify on its streaming music platform.

Soundtrap will still offer two higher tiers priced at $9.99 and $14.99 that offer additional perks like autotune, automation and multiple saved versions of projects, but more than likely, users will go for the improved free tier.

Danny Zepeda