Best Wallpapers to Celebrate Star Wars Day in 2022

You've got your Bantha milk, you're wearing your Wampa slippers, and you're ready to settle in for a 12-hour movie marathon. If you're fully immersed in the Star Wars universe for Star Wars Day, don't forget to adorn your iPhone with a stylish representation of the galaxy far, far away. Here are my favorite Star Wars wallpapers to celebrate May the Fourth.

May the Force be with you ... always!

You don't have to wait until May 4 to celebrate Star Wars Day. Every day is a celebration of the Star Wars Universe around my house. One of my favorite wallpapers around is the geometric representation of BB-8. It's got the right amount of unique personal artistry combined with a simple, elegant theme. It's been on my iPhone's Lock screen for more than a year.

This year, however, I'm opening up some room in my heart for the Porgs. I was resistant to their charms at first, but they're too darn cute to hate.

Star Wars kickstands

Fintie Star Wars Phone Kickstands ($14 at Amazon)

Prop up your iPhone to watch your favorite Star Wars movies in style with one of these adorable kickstands. The package includes all three; BB-8, Darth Vader, and a Stormtrooper.

Han frozen in carbonite phone case

Frozen in Carbonite iPhone case ($9 at Amazon)

Relive the most terrifying moment in the Star Wars trilogy (up to that point) with a rendering of Han frozen in carbonite printed on the back of your iPhone.

Ewok Popsocket

Ewok Popsocket ($17 at Amazon)

Wicket is the world's most beloved Ewok and you can have a picture of him right on the back of your iPhone with a handy-dandy Popsocket. Let Wicket be your anchor, your sidekick, and your fidgeter.

Lory Gil

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