Steve Wozniak doubles down on claim CDC ignored his COVID-19 case in January

The Woz Zoom
The Woz Zoom (Image credit: Forbes)

Image: Steve and Janet Wozniak surprise biomedical scientists working on COVID-19 during a Zoom call in April

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  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has reiterated claims he was ill with COVID-19 in January but that the CDC ignored his case.

Apple's co-founder Steve 'The Woz' Wozniak has reiterated claims he and his wife Janet were infected with COVID-19 in December, before returning to the U.S. in January, only to be ignored by the CDC.

From TMZ:

Steve Wozniak got incredibly sick after a trip to Asia in late December, and he's now sure it was COVID, but he couldn't get the attention of the CDC.The Apple co-founder and his wife Janet were in Asia in December 2019, traveling through several spots where COVID-19 is believed to have first spread -- including China -- before returning to the U.S. on January 4. He took a selfie with someone from Wuhan, suggesting that's how both he and his wife contracted the virus.

The report says Wozniak and his wife Janet were "incredibly sick", coughing up blood alongside other symptoms for around 3 weeks. According to Wozniak, lots of people on his flight from Hong Kong to the U.S. was full of people coughing on the plane.

Wozniak reportedly took his data to the CDC, who says that they weren't at all interested:

Steve says when he got back he gave his data to the CDC, telling them lots of people on the plane ride from Hong Kong back to the U.S. were coughing. The response from the CDC ... "They could care less about my story."

Wozniak says his case shows the CDC was wrong about the first COVID-19 case in Seattle coming in mid-January, reiterating suggestions the disease may have first entered the U.S. in December. Wozniak tweeted as early as March to suggest he and Janet may have been "patient zero" in the US.

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