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What you need to know

  • Steve Wozniak has appeared on Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People podcast.
  • During his appearance, he discussed Steve Jobs and his remarkably small salary.
  • Turns out he only receives $50 a week after savings and taxes.

Steve Wozniak has appeared on Guy Kawasaki's 'Remarkable People' podcast, in which he discussed Apple, Steve Jobs, and his $50 salary.

As reported by CNET:

Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak may have built a technology empire now worth over $1 trillion, but they didn't share quite the same opinions on money, Wozniak told former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki in a podcast interview published Wednesday. Woz said that while he never really cared about money, Jobs was fixated on making it big.

"Steve wanted to be important, and he had zero money," Wozniak said. "So he was always looking for little ways to make a next step in money, [and] he wanted to be that important person in life. And this was his big chance, because now he was founder of a company with big money being put in."

The Woz also reportedly said that after Apple took off, Steve Jobs' personality changed and that he didn't have any time for pranks and jokes saying "he got kind of strict."

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Turns out Steve Wozniak is still an Apple employee and holds the honor of being the only employee who's received a paycheck from the company each week since it was started. However, his salary is pretty modest:

Still, after money is taken out for savings, he says he gets no more than around $50 a week in his bank account after taxes.

"It's small, but it's out of loyalty, because what could I do that's more important in my life?" he said. "Nobody's going to fire me. And I really do have strong feelings always for Apple."

Sounds like a great sit down, so you can check out the full podcast here!

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