Stranger Things: The Game is available now on iPhone and iPad

Around here, we're a bit obsesses with Stranger Things (who isn't!), so as soon as I heard there was a free 8-bit game staring those adorable kids, I just had to check it out. Let me tell you, the first five seconds of the game, when the Stranger Things soundtrack plays in 8-bit, I just about died of happiness.

Stranger Things: The Game is modeled after the classic JRPGs of the 1980s, not entirely unlike The Legend of Zelda from yesteryear. Players control various iconic characters from the hit TV show and explore the world, both normal and upside-down, they live in.

Different characters will have different abilities, which you will need to unlock doors and navigate through the world. Traveling to the Upside Down will reveal some fun little extras, too.

No good JRPG is complete without a healthy dose of collecting items. You'll be able to seek out rare and hidden Eggos and Gnomes and there's an incomplete VHS library waiting for you to fill. According to the game's description, completing achievements before the Oct. 27 launch of Season 2 might reward you with something extra special. "Who knows what secret characters or exclusive, never-before-seen footage of Season 2 they might unlock."

You can play in Normal mode, in which you don't lose everything when you die. You just pick up where you left off. Or you can try your hand at Classic mode, in which dead means dead and you have to start all over again. "It's like 1984 hard."

iMore's resident game guru, Luke Filipowicz, will have an in-depth review of Stranger Things: The Game shortly, but in the meantime, grab a copy of the game for yourself on iPhone or iPad. If you're a fan of Stranger Things, the opening title page will be enough to make you smile.

Lory Gil

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