At long last, Stronghold Kingdoms is available for Mac castle builders

Stronghold Kingdoms, the free-to-play medieval-themed real-time strategy from developer Firefly Worlds, has finally made its way to the Mac App Store. The game was first released for Windows-based PCs in 2010 as an open beta before officially launching in 2012.

The game offers players a single village that they can expand to create a massive castle. Here are its features:

  • Build an Online Stronghold - Defend your territory with impenetrable castle defenses and fiendish traps.
  • Rule Your Parish - Build a castle in your hometown and wage war on your neighbors across the UK, Germany, France and Europe!
  • Become a Noble Lord - Trade, scout and explore in a medieval world filled with thousands of other players.
  • Explore a Vast Tech Tree – Become a warlord, trader, farmer or diplomat by researching new upgrades and structures.
  • Lead Your Faction - Forge alliances with other players and become their elected leader in a player-controlled political system!
  • Play for Free – Stronghold Kingdoms is completely free to play, with no upfront payment or subscription required.

The Mac version of Stronghold Kingdoms offers cross-platform play with its Windows counterpart. Mac players who download the game and sign up with an account before Feb. 14 will receive a special Starter Pack of in-game cards, tokens and points that are normally worth $19.99.

John Callaham

I have been writing professionally about technology and gaming news for 14 years.