The struggle is real: Have you scored AirPods yet?

When Apple's Airpods first launched, people were pumped to say the least 💪🏼, but some also complained that they were having a tough time finding a set for themselves.

Fast forward a number of months later and people still seem to be stuck and attached to wires while they could be rocking out wirelessly: So what gives?

Do you think there's been a shortage of Airpods lately, or did you pick up your pair without any problems?

Does anyone have any insight as to why AirPods are still so scarce 6 months after they were released? I am finally in a position financially and geographically to purchase a set, but there are none to be found! Grrrrrrrrrr Randall


Some people have mentioned that there has been a bit of a delay and they would rather just order online and wait...

I can't believe after all these months that there is still a waiting period on AirPods. I honestly would just order them online and start the waiting process.


While others say they've been able to find them at their local Verizon stores and Walmarts...

Some local walmarts and Verizon stores have them here


But what do you think?

Hop on into the iMore forums today and join the discussion to let us know if finding your AirPods has been more difficult than a super duper hard page in Where's Waldo, or if you picked up a pair in an instant!

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