Struggling to order an iPhone 13 with Apple Card? It isn't just you! [Update]

Iphone 13 Mini Colors
Iphone 13 Mini Colors (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple's iPhone 13 pre-orders are now live.
  • Some people making purchases using Apple Card faced errors.
  • Many people had to use another card.

Update, September 17 (5:00 pm ET): Apple says it has resolved the issue affecting Apple Card transactions

With Apple's iPhone 13 pre-orders now open it seems that a ton of people have been hit by a strange issue that prevented them from placing an order using ..... Apple Card.

As multiple iMore staffers found out, placing an order with an Apple Card simply wouldn't work — with people across Twitter reporting that the only way to get their new iPhone order in was to use another card.

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Others found that the iPhone Upgrade Program wasn't working, either.

While the majority of people seem to have placed orders without issue, there's no doubt that has been far from the best iPhone buying process for others. Switching from Apple Card to another is fine for people who have another card to use, but it could prevent orders being placed for plenty of people, unfortunately.

Have you been prevented from making an iPhone purchase this morning? Shout out in the comments.

Update, September 17 (5:00 pm ET) — Apple says it has resolved the issue affecting Apple Card transactions

In an update to the company's System Status (opens in new tab) page, Apple says that it has resolved the issue that was preventing some customers from paying with their Apple Card for their iPhone Upgrade Program purchase

Some Apple Card customers were not able to make iPhone Upgrade Program purchases. Please try your purchase again.

Apple says that the issue was active between 8:00 AM - 12:36 PM EST.

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  • Had pre-saved order yesterday. On check out, wouldn’t do Apple Pay and had to use a cc that was already on file. Thought it was just me!
  • Although I had exactly the same experience with my pre-order, immediately afterward I submitted a new order for a case and wallet using my Apple Card and had slightly different results. My first attempt failed, but when I changed to my American Express and resubmitted the process was interrupted before the usual “double-click to confirm” step with an announcement that the order had been accepted. Checking the order status it showed that my Apple Card was used.
  • Does anyone know if Apple is going to be able to “fix” this problem after the fact? Or are we going to have contact Citizens One and have them change the credit card that’s being billed? When I try to edit that info at the Citizens One site they throw up an error and suggest calling customer service.
  • Never heard anything from Apple. Calling Citizens One got me into an automated system where once I selected the menu item for an iPhone order I was directed to Apple Customer Service. The person who answered my call at Apple was surprised that she wasn’t able to add a new card to the order. She kicked the problem upstairs where I was told that no changes could be made until the order enters a shipped status. Once that happens I was told I’d need to contact Citizens One to make the necessary billing change. Color me disappointed.
  • That's crazy this is the first time I didn't have any problems and I used the Apple card.