Studio Neat Material DockSource: Studio Neat

What you need to know

  • Studio Neat has a pair of docks designed for Apple's MagSafe Charger.
  • One is a place for your MagSafe and Apple Watch chargers.
  • One is designed to stop the charger from moving when you pick your iPhone up.

Accessory company Studio Neat has announced two new charging docks, both designed for Apple's new MagSafe Charger. They're both made from milled walnut and have a gorgeous matte finish. These aren't the usual plastic docks you might be used to.

There are two docks to choose from. The first looks like a coaster for a cup and is simply there to keep the MagSafe Charger put when you pick up your iPhone – something the magnets normally make impossible.

MagSafe was designed to stick to your iPhone — it is magnetic after all. These docks use the magic of micro suction to keep the MagSafe charger and the dock itself secure to your nightstand or desk, essentially turning MagSafe into a stationary dock.

The second dock also has a place for your to put your Apple Watch charger, keeping the face of the watch at an angle so you can see the time. Both docks will need you to bring your own chargers but they'll make everything look way nicer than before!

Studio Neat Material Puck DockSource: Studio Neat

You can pre-order both docks right now. The standard MagSafe Dock will cost $20, while the dock that also has a space for Apple Watch will cost $48. Both are expected to ship in around four weeks according to the company.