Stunning Apple Car concept created using Apple patents

Apple Car Concept
Apple Car Concept (Image credit: Vanarama)

What you need to know

  • A stunning Apple Car concept has been created using Apple patents.
  • Vanarama says it created a vision of the anticipated release using real-life patents.
  • It is widely known that Apple is investing heavily into developing an electric vehicle.

A new concept has been created that brings the anticipated Apple Car to life using real-life patents filed by Apple.

The concept was created by Vanarama, a UK company known for... well... vans... From its website:

Using genuine patents filed by Apple Inc., we've created a vision of the anticipated Apple Car and how it might look on launch. Click below to explore the car inside and out, with details on the real-life patents that went into the concept.

The concept shows a pretty large SUV with a relatively boxy shape, a very distinctive grille, and a sweeping front end. Inside, there's one huge touch screen that supplies all the usual driving information and a space-age steering wheel. It almost looks like Tesla's X if it was built using the design language of the Cybertruck, and well I think it's pretty cool.

Apple Car Concept

Apple Car Concept (Image credit: Vanarama)

Yes, that is a Siri steering wheel.

We've heard plenty about the Apple Car in 2021. Notably, we know that Apple is working on some kind of autonomous electric vehicle. It has been postulated that Apple could move away from a physical vehicle, instead selling an autonomous driving system to other manufacturers. If Apple does sell its own car, we've heard from previous rumors that it will be much more expensive than a Tesla, and won't surface for several years.

Vanaramam's website also includes features on patents filed by Google and Samsung for comparison against Apple's own listed technology.

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