Sunrise Calendar now integrates your Wunderlist tasks and to-do lists

To enable integration with the service, head to Settings in Sunrise, select Add Account, choose Wunderlist and log in with your credentials. After logging in, you can select which lists from Wunderlist you want to access within Sunrise.

Here's an overview of the integration that is offered between the two services:

  • Create tasks directly in Sunrise. Just create a new event and choose one of your Wunderlist lists as the calendar. As soon as the event is created in Sunrise, the task will also appear in Wunderlist.
  • Change due dates of your Wunderlist tasks by simply dragging and dropping them from one day to another in Sunrise.
  • Write a task as done in Wunderlist, a checkmark will automatically appear in Sunrise right next to it. Did we already mention we really liked checking tasks off to-do lists?

Wunderlist with Sunrise

The integration with Wunderlist makes an already feature-rich calendar client even better. One of Sunrise's differentiating features is Interesting Calendars, through which you can track holidays, sport and TV show schedules.

Source: Sunrise Calendar blog

Harish Jonnalagadda

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