Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to get all stars in Super Mario Galaxy

Fountain Observatory

Super Mario Galaxy Kamella

Super Mario Galaxy Kamella (Image credit: iMore)

After you acquire the Grand Star from the Terrace, the Fountain Observatory will open up and give you access to five new galaxies to explore. Head down the path to the left of the Terrace and use a blue pad on the floor to get to the ledge with the Fountain. At this point in the game, you'll also start seeing comets that you'll need to access some of the stars. Keep a lookout for them.

Space Junk Galaxy

As the name implies, the Space Junk Galaxy is full of discarded stuff like debris, rocket ships, and platforms. You'll spend much of your time using Pull Stars to get around.

Pull Star Path

Use Pull Stars to navigate between a series of spheres. You'll collect components to craft a Launch Star and use it to get to a rocket, then ride the Pull Stars to the next area. Break crystals to rescue the Toad Brigade and hitch a ride on their ship to the final area of the level.

The path will build as Mario approaches and crumble once he leaves. Move slowly to find five silver stars needed to create the Power Star.

Kamella's Airship Attack

Fight the Magikoopa Kamella by grabbing the shells that pop out of her staff and throwing them back at her. She'll conjure some backup after she's hit twice, so kill the regular Magikoopas and then smack her once more to get the star.

Tarantox's Tangled Web

Super Mario Galaxy Tarantox

Super Mario Galaxy Tarantox (Image credit: iMore)

The second boss fight of the galaxy is against Tarantox. Use the Sling Pods to propel yourself into the monster's butt. This will stun him, causing him to expose his vulnerable belly which you need to hit three times before he gets back up.

After that, he'll start spitting acid, so stay between the streams until he pauses. Sling yourself into his butt again. When you hit his weak spots a second time, you'll be rewarded with the Star.

Pull Star Path Speed Run

You'll have four minutes to clear this challenge. Use the Pull Stars to a series of planets with glass domes where you'll collect five Star Chips to create a Launch Star. Use it to land on the rocket-shaped planet and use the Pull Stars to navigate to an area where you'll run past some spiders and up a metal object.

Free the Toad Brigade to get the Starshroom to land then jump onto it and use the Sling Star to get to an area filled with space junk. Collect five Silver Stars, then head straight and go left at the fork to get another one. Return to the fork and head right for another one. Go back to the fork one more time, but this time go straight and then left at the next fork for another Silver Star. Keep going straight to get another, then return to the fork and go right and you'll find the last one.

Jump back to the main platform section and keep heading south every time you hit a fork until you reach the Power Star.

Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance

Choose the third star on Tarantox's Tangled Web. Use the Pull Star to get to the red Starshroom and gather up some Star Bits on the planet you land on. Use the Pull Star path to get to the glass planet which houses a Hungry Luma. Feed it 50 star bits and it will transform into a planet shaped like Yoshi. Use the Launch Star to get there and kill off all the Goombas to get the star.

Purple Coin Spacewalk

You have two minutes to collect all these coins. Start by running straight into the first group of 10 coins the jump across the gap and go right into another group of 10. Go left into the third group of 10, then head left and north for another 10.

Keep to the right and jump another gap to find 10 more. Keep going right and you'll find 10 more. Then head north and you'll find 10 more on a platform. Turn around, go a bit to your left, and then go north again and you'll find 10 more, with another 10 to your left. Keep going left and then jump onto a platform with the last of the coins. The Star will appear at the start of the level so rush back to it.

Battlerock Galaxy

You'll need to have gathered 12 Stars to unlock this galaxy, which is filled with robots and Bob-ombs.

Battlerock Barrage

Make a Pull Star to launch yourself to a Launch Star then use it to get to the big planet. You'll do some tough platforming while avoiding being zapped by lasers, shot by cannons, or shocked by electric balls. When you get to the end, jump to another platform and attract the eye of a Bullet Bill. You'll need it to smash through a glass display case holding the Star.

Breaking Into Battlerock

This Star is also shielded, so you're going to need to grab one and run to the other side of the planet and use it to blow up the casing around a cannon. Take control of the artillery and wait for your shot as shields move around the Star.

Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe

Super Mario Galaxy Topmaniac

Super Mario Galaxy Topmaniac (Image credit: iMore)

You beat this Galaxy's boss by jumping on him to make him retract his spikes, which sends him spinning into the electrical fields on the saucer. Do this three times while avoiding the other enemies he spawns and you'll get the Star.

Topmaniac's Daredevil Run

Complete the Topomaniac boss battle without taking a single point of damage to earn this star.

Battlerock's Garbage Dump

Feed 30 Star Bits to the Hungry Luma on the second planet of Breaking into the Battlerock to trigger its transformation. Use the Launch Star to get to a garbage dump and talk to the robot there to start a mini-game. You'll have 30 seconds to blow up a bunch of trash using Bob-ombs.

Each Bob-omb takes 10 seconds to detonate, so place them carefully to try to trigger chain reactions and get the biggest explosions you can. Complete the challenge and you'll get the Star.

Luigi and the Disc

Go to Battlerock Barrage and get the five Blue Star Chips to form the Pull Stars needed to reach the Launch Star. Spin ontop of the screw on the next planet and then dodge the electrical fields and cannonballs until you can jump onto the platform at the end of the track. Luigi's under the platform sealed in a glass dome. You'll need to break him out by taunting a Bullet Bill. Once you do, he'll give you the Star.

Purple Coins on the Battlerock

You'll start on a moving platform that will take you through 25 coins before going under a wall. Walk to the side of the platform to avoid getting knocked off and pick up some more. Follow the trail of coins to the underside of the planet. Do a backflip to reach the coins on the other side of the electric walls. Then do it again. The coins will lead you under the platform and then the last 10 coins are above it. Go get your Star.

Sling Pod Galaxy

After you defeat Tarantox, a Hungry Luma will appear. Feed it 50 star bits and he'll spawn a new planet. Head to the Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance planet via a Launch Star and kill all the Goombas to cause the Power Star to appear.

Rolling Green Galaxy

Roll around on top of a ball while gathering Star Bits. If you make it to the end of the course, you'll get the Power Star.

Hurry-Scurry Galaxy

Grab all the music notes on the small planet without falling, even as the paths crumble away when you step on them, and you'll get the Star.

Bowser's Star Reactor

Super Mario 3d All Stars Ship

Super Mario 3d All Stars Ship (Image credit: Nintendo)

Stand on one of the glowing blue panels on the planet and then get out of the way when Bowser jumps at you. He'll be scorched by lava when he lands. When he spots you again he'll turn around and you can flip him over by spinning into his tail and then hurt him by spinning into him again.

You'll repeat this process for the next to phases while avoiding his fire breath and electrical shockwaves. Once you've hit him a few more times, you'll get the Grand Star.

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