Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to get all stars in Super Mario Galaxy

Center of the Universe

Super Mario 3d All Stars Bowser

Super Mario 3d All Stars Bowser (Image credit: Nintendo)

Bowser wants to create a new universe in his own image and you need to stop him in this final boss battle. He'll use his ground pound attack to send shockwaves at you and then curl up and try to crush you. Spin attack his head when he's in a ball to knock him out, then spin attack him twice.

You'll be sent to another planet where Bowser will shoot fireballs and ground pound. He'll curl up and roll at you and you'll need to stun him by hitting him with one of the planet's rubbery bulbs. Spin him twice to get to the last phase of the fight.

After Bowser tries to hit you with a shell attack, Mario should stand on a blue orb so that Bowser will shatter it when he ground pounds and burn his tail. Spin him to damage him twice and you'll get your final Grand Star!

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