Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to get all stars in Super Mario Galaxy

Engine Room Observatory

Super Mario 3d All Stars Flying

Super Mario 3d All Stars Flying (Image credit: Nintendo)

You'll access the Engine Room after beating Bowser's Dark Matter Plant. You don't ever need to visit this dome if you just want to get to the big fight against Bowser but you will find some fun missions in particularly varied terrain.

Gold Leaf Galaxy

This is a mirror version of the Honeyhive Galaxy but with autumn weather, some terrain changes, and Cataquacks.

Star Bunnies on the Hunt

Collect five Star Chips to produce four Pull Stars and a Launch Star near where you started the level. The Launch Star will take you to the Bump Appear Planet where you can find a Star Bunny. Use a switch to make it easier to catch him and reveal the Power Star.

Cataquack to the Skies

Defeat two Undergrunts on the Cataquack planet, each of which is circling a patch of grass. Guide a Cataquack from one patch to the other and use it to launch yourself up to a Bee Mushroom. Lead the Cataquack to the base of a tower so it will launch you, then start flying to the top.

You'll arrive at a circular platform with a Wiggler on it. Make your way through some flower platforms infested with Flipbugs until you get the Power Star.

When It Rains, It Pours

Super Mario Galaxy Undergrunt Gunner

Super Mario Galaxy Undergrunt Gunner (Image credit: iMore)

The Undergrunt Gunner shoots bubbles that will cause Mario to lose your Bee Suit and kick him out of the area. If you're flying, you can damage the Gunner's cap. If you lose the buff, you'll need to use a switch to raise some platforms that will let you get to its weak point. The Power Star appears once you've ground pounded the boss three times.

Cosmic Mario Forest Race

Race Cosmic Mario across Reverse Kingdom Planet to claim the Power Star. Take the leftmost path at the first fork where you'll find a block you can jump across to a wooden walkway. Take it to more blocks that you'll jump up, then go right to a whin wooden walkway hanging above the ground. It will take you to an octagonal wooden platform where the Power Star is.

Purple Coins in the Woods

You have three minutes and 30 seconds to collect 100 coins and bees will show up throughout the mission to let you know how many you should have at that point in the mission. The layout is the same as When It Rains, It Pours, but there's no Bee Mushroom.

Jump up some blocks to collect six coins, then gather more from the wooden walkway and nearby hollow stump. Climb up some blocks and cross thin wooden walkways collecting more coins. Ground pound the trampoline at the end to get more coins. Use another trampoline to get to a swing that will take you to a wooden staircase.

Climb the stairs to get more coins until you get to a circular path with more coins. Head right until you get to some high platforms. Jump to them until you get to a plateau with more coins. Get to a platform with a Sling Star and a single coin in an alcove.

Use the Sling Star to get to a platform with a railing. Grab the coins then trampoline to another Sling Star that will take you to a platform with a railing topped by coins and a stone block. Break it to spawn a vine that you'll climb to get to a circular platform with spikes and more coins. If you collect them all, the Power Star will appear here.

The Bell on the Big Tree

Navigate to the area of the Reverse Kingdom Planet where small boulders appear and you'll find a pen with a Cataquack inside. Use it to launch yourself into a Sling Star. Activate it and you'll be sent to an area with a big tree and a bubble blower. Blow the bubble upwards to find a bell, which you'll use to generate music notes. Collect them all and the Power Star will appear.

Sea Slide Galaxy

You need 36 stars to access this beach-themed galaxy, where you'll be doing a lot of racing against aquatic creatures.

Going After Guppy

The orca Guppy will challenge you to swim through eight rings that he leaves in his wake as he travels through the Sea Slide Galaxy's water ring navigating various hazards and obstacles. Use Red Shells to make this easier. If you swim through all eight, Guppy will give you the Power Star.

Faster Than a Speeding Penguin

Talk to the red penguin to join a race. Grab a Red Shell or spin to stay competitive, going through a longer version of the course you did with Guppy. Swim through Boost Rings to speed up. If you cross the finish line in first place, you'll get the Power Star.

The Silver Stars of Sea Slide

Use Bee Mushrooms to collect five Silver Stars, which will cause the Power Star to spawn in the starting area. The Silver Stars can be found:

  • On top of the stone arch where you met Guppy.
  • Using Pull Stars from the Starshroom.
  • On top of a tree near the stone tower.
  • On top of the large tree near the starting area.
  • On the island in the center of Sea Slide Galaxy.

Underwater Cosmic Mario Race

Cosmic Mario will challenge you to a race. Grab a Red Shell to keep up and use the Boost Rings. The Power Star is in the back of the tower.

Purple Coins by the Seaside

Use Bee Mushrooms to gather 100 coins, some of which are high up on clouds. None of the coins are in the water or on the center island.

Toy Time Galaxy

You need 40 stars to access this playroom-themed galaxy, which contains a planet that pays tribute to Super Mario Bros.

Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser

Ascend Mecha-Bowser's conveyor belt feet, avoiding getting crushed by the wheels. Wall jump until you get to the green platforms that you'll use to get up Mecha-Bowser's legs. Spin to unscrew two blue screws and create a Sling Star above the platform.

Unscrew four yellow screws while avoiding Fire Bars to reveal a Warp Pipe. Take the pipe to a platform with mini Mecha-Bowsers. Climb up Mecha-Bowser's arm and unscrew a yellow screw. Take the Launch Star that appears to a long mesh platform. Use a Spring Mushroom to bounce to Mecha-Bowser's head and Ground Pound the pillar to destroy it and get your Power Star.

Mario Meets Mario

Collect five Star Chips to form a Launch Star that will take you to the 8-Bit Mario Planet featuring Shrinking Tiles, rotating platforms, and pools of lava. Navigate these obstacles to collect Five Silver Stars which will cause the Power Star to appear at the planet's starting platform.

Bouncing Down Cake Lane

Fight the Undergrunt Gunner boss by Ground Pounding it three times. You can reach it through a Spring Mushroom located at the back of the planet. Avoid its balls of electricity.

Fast Foes of Toy Time

Activate all the Flipswitch Panels around the planet like you did in the Flipswitch Chain, though the Tox Boxes and platforms will be moving significantly faster. The Power Star will appear on an orange cube on the bottom of the planet when all the switches have turned green. This will also cause the spiked platforms to stop moving.

Luigi's Purple Coins

You have three minutes to collect 100 of the 150 coins scattered on the bottom of the 8-Bit Mario Planet, which looks like Luigi. You'll need to navigate poison and platforms. The Power Star will appear on the starting platform and you have to make it back there and grab it before you run out of time.

The Flipswitch Chain

Play through the Mario Meets Mario mission until you get to the screw planet. Instead of gathering Star Chips, you'll need to grab 50 Star Bits to feed the Hungry Luma. It will transform into a new chain of planets covered in flipswitch panels, tox boxes, and moving, spiked platforms. The Power Star will appear on an orange cube under the planets once you've turned all 15 switches green.

Bonefin Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Kingfin

Super Mario Galaxy Kingfin (Image credit: iMore)

Defeat Kingfin by launching Green and Red Shells at him. He'll call two Skeletal Fish Guards the first time you hit him and four more will spawn when you land your third attack. Hitting him a fifth time will shatter him and reward you with the Power Star.

Sand Spiral Galaxy

Use a Sling Star to launch over a wall into an area filled with floating mines and rotating platforms. Use the Rainbow Star powerups along the path to destroy the mines and reach the Power Star on top of the moon.

Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor

Super Mario Galaxy King Kaliente

Super Mario Galaxy King Kaliente (Image credit: iMore)

You'll fight King Kaliente again and just like last time, he'll shoot fireballs and coconuts. Spin coconuts to send them back at him and then volley until he fails to knock it back at you and gets hit.

Once you've hit the boss once, he'll launch some Lava Bubbles. Hit him a second time and meteors will start raining. Hit him a third time to defeat him and get your Grand Star.

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