Super Mario 3D World: 2 Minutes of Bowser's Fury shown in trailer

Bwser Bowsers Fury
Bwser Bowsers Fury (Image credit: Nintendo (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Nintendo released a brand new Super Mario 3D World trailer showing off 2 minutes of Bowser's Fury gameplay.
  • Bowser Jr. is seen assisting Mario with a paintbrush in hand.
  • Mario encounters items, enemies, and locations not seen in the original game.
  • The video ends with Mario grabbing a Giant Super Bell power-up and taking on a massive fire-breathing Bowser.

Today marks exactly one month until Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury releases on Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the fact, Nintendo released a brand new 2-minute trailer showing off gameplay from the brand new Bowser's Fury section of the game. The Super Mario 3D World preorders are currently live, so you can claim a copy today.

Super Mario 3D World originally released on the Wii U back in 2013, but now the game is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 12, 2021 and bringing with it a new section called Bowser's Fury.

In an unexpected twist, the trailer shows Bowser Jr. (who wasn't in the original game) running around and assisting Mario on his journey, even going so far as to help unlock a power-up for the plumber to use. Together the two characters fight new Cat Piranha Plant enemies, collect cat-shaped tokens, and explore locations not seen in the original game.

At the end of the trailer, we see a humongous fire-breathing Bowser causing a ruckus while Mario makes his way to an enormous Super Bell power-up in order to turn into a giant cat. But before the battle can commence, the trailer ends. We're excited to see what this upcoming section of the game has in store for us and how it ties into the original levels.

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