Super Mario Run gets major update, on sale for half off

Super Mario Run

Nintendo has updated Super Mario Run with the biggest update of the game so far. There are new levels and a new mini game called Remix 10, which has you playing 10 short courses, one after the other. Remix 10 is also where you'll find and unlock a new playable character; Daisy. Additionally, players can trigger extra Bonus and Super Bonus games to win a chance at unlocking new buildings for their kingdom.

Nintendo added a cute little easter egg, too. When you play the game with headphones on, Mario and his friends will also sport their own set of cans. You don't have to listen to the game's soundtrack either (though it is catchy). You can tune in to your own music while playing Super Mario Run (Might I suggest a little Slayer to match the action?).

Here's the game's update summery:

  • Remix 10: Super Mario Run courses done short and sweet! In Remix 10, you'll challenge 10 very short courses in a row. Daisy is lost somewhere along the way, so if you play enough courses you'll be able to find her! You'll also be able to play some extra Bonus Games and a Super Bonus Game to get various buildings for your kingdom as you run through this mode.
  • Even more fun with World Star! There are some new courses to explore, including a forest, a ship packed with coins, and a whole airship armada. Each course adds a whole new level of fun!
  • Daisy, a new playable character, is here, and she brought a double-jump skill with her! If you play through enough Remix 10 courses, Princess Daisy of Sarasaland will join your group of friends. Her double-jump ability lets her jump while she's already midair!
  • Listen to your favorite music with the music-play feature! Now you can listen to music stored on your device while playing Super Mario Run. Mario and his friends will wear headphones when this feature is turned on! Find some music that will get you pumped to run some courses!
  • New buildings for Kingdom Builder mode You may earn brand-new buildings from the Bonus Games in Remix 10. Try to get as many as you can!
  • The way opponents are selected for Toad Rally has been adjusted. There is now less of a chance you'll play against someone whose Toad population is significantly different from yours.

The best part of this big update is that the in-game purchase to unlock all six worlds has been dropped to $4.99 until October 12. That's 50% off the normal price, which was already a great deal for such a great game.

If you haven't already, now is the time to download Super Mario Run. If you stopped playing a while ago, why not jump in and check out all the changes? Yoshi with headphones on is pretty darn cute.

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