What you need to know

  • Superhot is coming to the Nintendo Switch today. Yes, TODAY.
  • The reveal and announcement happened during the Nintendo Indie World stream today.
  • Superhot is a time-bending first-person shooter, where every second counts and the world moves when you do.
  • Superhot will be $24.99 USD on the Nintendo Switch, per the Nintendo eShop.

As revealed during the Indie World Nintendo presentation today, Superhot is coming to the Nintendo Switch - today. This unqiue first-person shooter takes place in a world where all your foes die in a single hit and so do you. Using katanas, rifles, handguns and whatever you can find lying around or flying through the air, you'll need to proceed methodically and kill as many red glass guys as possible.

There's a trick to it all though: when you move, the world moves with you. When you stop moving, time slows to an almost imperceptible crawl. Using this, you have to plot out your attacks and your every step with extreme care. Try to run and gun everything down and you'll very quickly find yourself shattered. Superhot runs at 60fps on the Nintendo Switch, with optional gyroscopic aiming controls. The file size is 2.5 GB, so it's not that big of a download for your Switch memory card to deal with.

Superhot isn't live quite yet but the link on the Nintendo eShop is up and the game is scheduled to go live later today.

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