Switch to iPhone: For a bigger and better display

There's never been a better time to switch to iPhone. Whether you're tempted for yourself or looking to help the Android user in your life, the all-new, all-bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone-6-plus make the move more compelling than ever — starting with the new 4.7- and 5.5-inch screen sizes.

Big and bigger

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Previously, if you wanted an iPhone, you had to make do with a screen that was 4 inches or less. If a bigger screen was more important to you, you had no Apple-created option — it was Android or bust. Today, you can have both — your bigger screen and Apple's iOS operating system.

The iPhone 6 offers a 4.7-inch Retina HD display with 1334x750 pixels at 326 ppi. That's a real sweet spot for people who want a bigger screen for games, surfing the web, exchanging messages, and more, but still want something they can easily hold in their hand, keep in their pocket, or slide into their purse.

The iPhone 6 Plus offers a 5.5-inch Retina HD display with 1920x1080 pixels at 401 ppi. In portrait mode, it's a bigger iPhone; in landscape, it's almost like a tiny iPad. It's perfect for those who want more of everything.

Big and better

Safari tab view on the iPhone 6 Plus

As we mentioned above, Apple wasn't the first to build a larger screen on a phone. The company wasn't going to build a big phone just to fit in an early, inefficient LTE radio, nor did they want to create a larger screen when the devices required compromises like PenTile sub-pixel arrangements or over-saturated colors. That's why, when Apple made bigger displays, the company also made better displays.

It starts with the LED-backlit LCD panel itself. Apple is now photographically aligning the liquid crystals using ultraviolet light. That significantly reduces the chance for bleed, which helps keep blacks dark and text crisp. It makes everything look better, from videos to books.

Apple has also gone from single-domain to dual-domain in-plane switching (IPS to DD-IPS) for the panel. IPS is terrific when you're by yourself, looking straight-on at your display. DD-IPS helps compensate for uneven lighting and color distortion, so it provides for even wider viewing angles and pretty much the best contrast ratio in the industry. That's not only better than previous iPhones, it's better than the AMOLED screens used on other bigger phones. That makes it terrific when you're with family, friends, and colleagues, and you want to share what's on that newer, bigger display.

There's even a new polarizer. It's designed to prevent the typical interference you get when wearing sunglasses and trying to look at your screen. So, instead of colors darkening, shifting, or disappearing entirely as your rotate your iPhone, they look as close to the way they're supposed to look as possible. That way you can get on with enjoying both your iPhone and your fun in the sun.

Anandtech thought the display was almost too good to be true:

Overall, it's hard to find any criticism for this display. I would normally be incredibly suspicious to see these numbers on a smartphone, but the fact that there's a hot pixel in the center of the display suggests to me that this was not a cherry-picked unit. The fact that I find this level of calibration to be suspicious speaks volumes about how good this display is. While contrast isn't AMOLED levels of black, there are no purple smearing effects, noticeable uneven luminance near black, or any other idiosyncrasies.

The display isn't just more advanced, it's thinner. It's so thin, pixels on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus not only look like they're embedded into the glass, but that they're just below the touch surface itself — they're sharper, clearer, more colorful, and viewable at wider angles than ever before.

That's great for you, and great for those you want to share with.

Bigger and more accessible

Display Zoom

Apple has always paid special attention to Accessibility, making the iPhone as inclusive to as wide a range of people as possible. That's why, when they made the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, they also made "Display Zoom", which lets you choose not to see more content, but bigger content.

With Display Zoom, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can make everything bigger — including text and buttons — so you can read more easily and tap around more reliably. On the iPhone 6, you get the same amount of screen estate as the iPhone 5s, just magnified. The iPhone 6 Plus, in contrast, magnifies to support the same amount of content area as the iPhone 6.

For anyone with visual or motor impairments, it can make the iPhone much, much more accessible than its default settings.

Time to switch!

If the lack of a big screen has been holding you or someone you know from getting an iPhone, the good news is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offer you not only big and bigger screens, but big and better options across the board. It's just one of the benefits you get by switching to iPhone.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I had iPhone 4, then decided to try Android (Note 2 and Note 3) big mistake.. Came back with iPhone 6 - can't be happier (I am not into giant screens, so uncomfortable for active people like me). Hope next year the rumors about 4" iPhone will be true.. Or 4,7 again but with smaller bazels. Everything is better and life without lag and bugs.. And great battery life.. So much easier.. I am not into brands and all this crap, but damn iPhones and Apples products just work.. :)
  • You didn't try Android, you tried TouchWiz. HUGE difference. ;)
  • That's right!
  • Agreed. I have tried the following Android devices over the past year-
    1.Note 3
    3.LG G3
    4.Nexus 5
    I always "kid" myself that every time a new Android device drops with all of these killer specs that its time to leave iOS. And every time (usually) by about the 3rd day I shake my head,curse my self a little and return back to iOS.
    I'm not sure but I always feel a bit of disconnect when I try out a Android phone. It might be because they all have their own(usually really bad ) software they want you to sign up for and or use or things like messaging which is just a disaster(Android why is it so hard to implement a unified messaging service like iMessage)Or the last Android device I had (Note 3) kept running some carrier virus protection app and it just reminded me of the old days on windows when I had to do the same thing. I have had a iMac for the past 2 years and it has been so refreshing not to have to renew my $99 yearly Norton account!
    A lot of the problem with me is I'm a tech guy, I like to tinker with things and mess around with every little setting.( I used to build PC's as a hobby) So my brain tells me Android is the device for me- So much to customize, expandable storage, flashing ROM's etc,etc But after using a iPhone for the last couple of years I have really enjoyed the simplicity of (most) of the features iOS offered. I no longer want to mess with the settings, or try to flash roms. I want to be able to record a video of my kid at his soccer game then send it to my wife over imessage. This task for instance is a pain to do on Android which involves uploading the video to the likes of Drive or Dropbox and then sending out a link(Or worse trying to explain to your wife this process of how to do this!.)
    So in the end Apple to me is about the user experience and the fact that they have great customer service(try finding your local HTC store with issues about your M8) No they usually aren't the first to do something or have the bleeding edge specs but what they do offer(at least for me) is a fantastic product with a fantastic result.
  • Listen, this is an insider tip from a former employee of Samsung Jung daegu plant. I have nothing to gain from this. I do not endorse any phone brand. But, this has to come out for the sake of every hard Working consumer... There are 40 million units of unsold galaxy s5 in warehouses globally. Samsung is not going to throw them away especially with these company profit downfall. The memo from the Samsung high executive division are going to salvage everything from the galaxy s 5 and rebrand them as the new galaxy s6.. To cut their losses.. Now, it is up to you ( the reader) to tell your friends / family about this cunning scheme. Cheers 2015
  • "The company wasn't going to build a big phone just to fit in an early, inefficient LTE radio, nor did they want to create a larger screen when the devices required compromises like PenTile sub-pixel arrangements or over-saturated colors. That's why, when Apple made bigger displays, the company also made better displays." That sounds great to say but it isn't true. You should know it was iOS related much moreso than hardware. Besides, if the larger phones were going to be "compromised" due to hardware then so were Apple's smaller prior iphones. Didn't earlier iphones receive "limited inefficient LTE"? Surely Apple wasn't going to build a bigger 4" iphone a few years ago that lacked dual domain pixels, or polarization. Yet, they did. Why not do a 5.5" phone at that time? It sure wasn't because of dual domain pixels or polarization. It wasn't because they couldn't come out with a 720p or 1080p screen. What's the point of this post anyways? To appeal to your android base of readers? To inform the one or two people out there who might still be unaware that the iphone got bigger but they somehow stumbled onto imore?
  • Apple could have pushed out bigger phones earlier but they would have involved less than ideal compromises for a market that, beyond tech enthusiasts and some regions, wasn't really established. And no, early iPhones waited for the better, more power efficient LTE, and they've continued to get better all the time.
  • Rene, I want some of that stuff you are smoking. Seriously. Is there nothing Apple will ever do that you cannot contort into a hyper-positive, pro-Apple spin? Look at the Lumia 1520 screen, released at the same time as 5S, and tell me the IPS LCD technology was not there. The only determiner for Apple in these choices are what ever allows them to maintain their super-fat profit margins, not what is possible. That much ought to be clear to anyone who has followed the industry. iPhone 5 LTE implementation was abysmal, by the way.
  • The screens were there. HTC used a 1080p display in the m7 with no "pentile" make up. Apple just used that as an excuse. Maybe that excuse worked with 1st gen LTE years ago when it truly was super battery inefficient and not necessarily worth the extra "4g" Speeds.
  • The original Thunderbolt was not pleasant. Saying later phones were better is exactly the point I was making re: not being first.
  • Using your logic, you're saying apple doesn't create a damn thing themselves... They just ape everyone else, and when the innovators get it right, Apple slaps an i in front of it and claims that they invented it. iCloud, iBezels, big screens, wallpapers, iWidgets (which aren't even widgets) and on and on... Their first LTE phone sucked, yet the Android ones were fine by then... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Or the HTC one m7...
  • Apple did push out bigger iphones earlier. Iphone 5. Why didn't they do a 5.5" version then? It's simple. Apps. They'd look like crap. iOS wasn't ready. iOS got ready but it needed time. Time that changing from a 3:2 to 16:9 aspect ratio in the two years that the iphone 5/5S allowed. Try to imagine what, at the time, 3:2 iphone 4/4S apps would look like on an 16:9 iphone 6 plus. As if the iphone 5/5S never happened. These ARE compromises. But not because the hardware technology for bigger screens wasn't there. Apple doesn't have to worry about established markets. It creates them. That's just more nonsense. Besides they recognized the demand for larger screens more than a few years ago. It's why we got the iphone 5 because it was a necessary first step to the iphone 6.
  • The display on the 6+ is definitely excellent, but DisplayMate still gives the best overall smartphone display award to the Note 4.
  • Note 4 is good OLED but the software is a mess. Having users switch modes from cinema to whatever was a terrible choice on Samsung's part.
  • Not really. Having choices between the modes is a great thing. The average consumer probably won't mess with changing the screen mode, but it's still pretty easy to do. Now if you're referring to all of TouchWiz as being a mess, then that's a different conversation. I'm just referring to the display.
  • Having a choice means the vendor failed to make a choice, or failed to make software smart enough to choose for you. Both are sub-optimal.
  • Having a choice means consumers can decide how they want to experience their devices. Some people prefer the oversaturated colors whereas others don't. The Note 4 is able to satisfy both tastes by allowing those choices to be made. Same could be applied to Apple. The iPhone 6 targets those who may not be into larger devices and those craving a beast can go with the 6+. Apple didn't fail to make a choice. They just finally recognized that one site doesn't always fit all. Samsung also applies that reasoning to its software and it's why people can choose their optimal screen mode. Also, the Note 4 ships with "Adaptive Display" screen mode checked by default. I'm sure you've already read something about it by now, but basically it allows the software to choose how the colors of images/videos are being displayed based on the content and ambient lighting. So the software is basically "smart enough to choose for you". Sent from the iMore App
  • What about the people who prefer triangular displays? Are we failing them?
  • That comment Rene proves you lost the argument. Congratulations. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Yep, he's too stupid to make a decision for himself and relies on Apple to do it for him. I always knew it, but he proved it. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I actually laughed out loud when I read this. By your standards, the US should turn into a dictatorship because having a choice in who the president is is suboptimal. Or the government should control where you live, what you eat, what you like, who you marry, what job you have and what you buy, as choice is suboptimal.
  • The way Apple implemented landscape on the 6 plus, while the same as the iPad, comes across as jarring to me because of the screen size ratio and number of icons (4x6 vs 4x5). I wish that they would all just rotate in place like the four at the bottom. Landscape for games is a bit annoying on both iPhone 6 plus and note 4. On the note 4 I accidentally hit the haptic buttons. On the 6 plus I tend to keep screen rotation locked. For whatever reason, most games default to a rotation in landscape that causes me to either have to turn off rotation lock or to cover the speaker with my hand. Overall the new iPhones are pretty good, but I see a lot of things that could be improved. The ton of top and bottom bezel, for instance, allows for better speakers that face forward. I don't like the camera hump and would prefer more battery or at least an improved camera that does away with the hump.
    Overall I think the new iPhones are good devices and look forward to future improvements. However, android isn't nearly the mess it once was and is starting to catch up.
  • You can add more battery by adding a battery case. You can't take away any thickness that's built in.
  • ??? Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • A battery case is a possible solution and one I'm not totally against. some battery cases are nice, but they all tend to add length tithe phone. I don't mind a little extra thickness, but dislike the length. I realize not everyone has the same opinion when it comes to aesthetics. Thin to a certain point is nice. I think anything can be persued too far though. When you chase thinness to the point that you have to have things sticking out of the phone, that is a bit much for me. I would have preferred to wait until the camera tech had improved enough to not have the hump. Honestly, I wish I could take the features I like from each phone manufacturer and make my dream phone. As far as ios vs android, as long as I can jailbreak, I prefer ios. If it ever gets to the point that I can't jailbreak, I would probably choose android. It is a small thing I know but mostly it is for 3G unrestricter. I like being able to download any size app or audiobook over cellular. Again, I understand apple's reasoning for putting a limit, I just personally find it a hindrance. Not sure why people are being so hostile in the comment section. For some reason people can't seem to express their opinions without name calling. Come on guys, let's have a good discussion without calling people idiots and such. All that does is piss people off and people usually don't make their best posts when they are angry.
  • I think you are totally confused.. You make a case by saying switch to iPhone because it has far better display than anybody else.. He said display on note 4 is better and you say samsung software is a mess.. Software is a altogether different discussion isn't it? Get out of that Apple cool aid and write some objective stuff... They do that on Android central... They outright agree apple makes some seriously nice stuff and here you are dismissing samsung's great work on note 4 display by saying software is a mess.. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • With iPhone 6 Plus costing over USD 1000 here in Europe, no, I am not switching from my current phone, thank you. I am seeing people, in contrast, switching AWAY from iPhone due to Apple's current ridiculous pricing model. It's mad.
  • Anytime I see the phrase Retina HD, it makes me think of lesser screen resolution than the competition.
  • Makes me think of a pretty good balance between pixels and power draw.
  • That was not the intention of the original meaning. Now, it is just misleading marketing babble.
  • 720p and 1080p are considered HD, which is what the 6 and 6 Plus are. They're common and understood consumer terms.
  • Funny because what I call misleading is the qHD displays we see coming to Android that are marketed as better than Apples simply because of a higher ppi that most will never even notice. Ive had my iPhone 5s next to the Note 3 and 4, G3, Turbo, M8 (I know not qHD, but threw it in there) and I have to say the display on the 5s still looks better. Not to mention how much better the display is on my iPhone 6. Ppi means nothing on a poor, over saturated, and uncalibrated display. Not to mention these high ppi displays use way more power and cost processing and GPU speed. What's the point? You get zero benefit. Just like everything on Android its a spec pissing contest same as the processor war that every android OEM on the market is embarrassingly losing to apples A series chips. Nott o mention they are losing when 2-3 times higher clocked could, 2-3 times more RAM, and still can't compete with even the A7 let alone A8. Then there is the whole mega pixel garbage that just like everything I memtioned above does nothing for android as every person reviews the 8mp camera in the iPhone 5s and now 6 and 6 plus as the best cameras on the market. Seems to me the only people losing are the people buying into marketing like you mention when apple is clearly still the market leader and in some aspects literally 2-3 years ahead of their competition in.
  • I'm not a fan of oversaturated screens either. However, Samsung did fix this with the note 4. If you go into the display settings and take it off adaptive and move it to the last option, I think it is called basic, the screen colors are natural looking and nice. Comparing the note 4 and the 6 plus screens has me slightly preferring the 6 plus, but I can tell the difference in sharpness. I would prefer the note 4 screen to the regular 6 though. Sadly it looks like I will be downgrading to the iPhone 6. While I like both the note 4 and the 6 plus, I have little nubs for fingers and they are both uncomfortable to use and almost impossible for me to use one handed.
  • I agree with you on this one Rene, especially for the 6+. I don't personally need a higher resolution than 1080p on my phone and consider much more to be an unnecessary power draw.
  • Ho my, the iHaters are going to have a field trip on this one...
  • An someone who considers the 2nd gen ipad mini to be the best tablet on the market (and owns one) and currently uses an iPhone 6 plus, I take some level of offense as being referred to as a iHater for strongly disagreeing with this post.
  • I kind of feel the same way as you by the way (having read your comment below)... That's why I made my comment. Since I'm cringing at the tone and wording of the article (and I happen to have a preference for Apple's products) I figure this will get pretty ugly, pretty fast with people who are negative about Apple in general.
  • Yeah, I think I understand your initial comment better now and realize I over-reacted in my response. "iHaters" certainly do exist, in force, and will probably enjoy commenting on this bad boy. Sorry for getting defensive. I have been labeled as a crazy fanboy for comments like the one below before. I just want awesome phones. My interests have similarly given me a preference for Android in the past and will likely do so in the future. However, iOS has made terrific strides over the past 3 years.
  • Noah, I too have an iPad mini 2 and a 6 plus, but will be changing to a 6 later this month. For me the fact that I have to still pull out the iPad for some apps is the reason Part of the reason I'm swapping. Mainly because I have short fingers, but I'd soldier through if the 6 plus could run iPad apps and let me retire the mini. What draws you to the 6 plus vs the 6 considering you still use the mini as well?
  • I own a mini but my wife uses it primarily. She has the Z3 Compact which has a 4.6" screen. We also use the iPad mini retina for watching Netflix while lying in bed. Personally, I find the 7.9" size perfect for sharing video between 2 people.
  • As someone who switched from a long line of android phones to the iPhone 6 Plus, this article is written from the point of view of someone who has limited knowledge of the competition and no real desire to learn.
    I agree that this is the best time to switch to an iPhone and these are the best iPhone's ever made and such but much of the wording in this article is sadly defensive.
    My thoughts are getting jumbled in paragraph form let me try a list:
    1: AMOLED no longer suffers from over saturation on the note 4, http://www.anandtech.com/show/8613/the-samsung-galaxy-note-4-review/4
    2: Not all large android phones use AMOLED as implied in this article, G3, Nexus 6, HTC one Max.
    3: Dual domain was used in the htc M7 in Spring 2013 and that probably isn't the first instance.
    4: This article picks and quotes the Anandtech Review section primarily about color calibration and acts as though it is a review of the entire screen. The following is a quote from Anandech from the note 4 review: "Samsung has continued to push better display calibration, brightness, and other areas where AMOLED was previously deficient. While there are still some issues with purple smearing and green tints to some level of grayscale, the AMOLED display is an equal to the 1080p display in the iPhone 6 Plus."
    5: I really don't understand the section about Apple biding its time to create a non compromise large screen phone. Samsung never compromised with the note line, it has always been equal or above the same gen galaxy flagship in virtually every metric. Granted, a bigger phone can help cover up compromises (like inefficient chips) because they offer greater battery leniency but how is that something to mock in earlier gen products? Apple did not make a bigger iphone sooner because they were tied to the "s" upgrade schedule when it became apparent that bigger was totally in.
    6: After using the 6 plus for a month I would not say that it make great use of the screen real estate as this article implies. On android I would always place widgets on the top half of the home screens and place app icons at the bottom. This makes it easy to glace in info you rarely need to tap. On iOS you can not even choose to leave the space at the top blank. Also, having a nearly overlapping gesture to pull down the notification shade and launch spotlight from the home screen causes me some issues. Also, the fact that folders hold only three apps per screen and launch into the middle instead of the bottom of the screen is super frustrating. Forgive me if I have come across as an android jerk, that is not my goal. There are a lot of things I really like about my 6 plus and overall it is an excellent device. Head and shoulders above previous iphones. I believe is fierce competition and honest reviews. There is no reason to make up stuff and use hefty spin when an honest comparison will show the truth. Especially when the truth paints the new iphones in a great light.
  • Just two things b/c that's a long comment, the Nexus 6 does have a AMOLED display and Spotlight doesn't overlap with notification tray (you can access spotlight from swiping down anywhere on the screen) Sent from the iMore App
  • Totally right on the nexus 6, I should have said oneplus one.
    Granted, it is a rather substantial comment but I had a lot to say.
    Last, I suppose that "overlap" probably wasn't the right term. What I meant to convey is that the same general gesture is used for very different purposes. Typically that wouldn't be too much of an issue but Apple chose to make the cutoff directly below the transparent shade. This means that on a phone this large it is very easy to reach ever-so-slightly too low and launch spotlight instead of pull the shade. Not a huge gripe but a strange decision on my part.
  • That's a lot of words that have almost nothing to do with what I wrote. :)
  • Believe what you will. I personally think that most unbiased people would read your article and my... article... and find quite a bit of info on the same topics. This belief of mine seems to hold up well considering the spread of likes/dislikes between our respective comments.
    With all due respect, may I gently suggest that you may simply not want to consider my points?
    For the record, I have not down voted anything you have commented. Just wanted to make that clear.
  • I have had a LOT of android phones as well with the latest being the note 3 and the s5, they should be really nice phones theoretically speaking consider ing all the different things you can do on them. However, the problem is this: LAG, JITTER, FREEZING, LOST FILES etc... Just to name a few. What I notice the most is the HEAT! Sent from the iMore App
  • Can't really argue with you on this. I wanted to stick with screens/use of screen in my comment to stay on track with the article, however, the things you state have very often been down sides of Android and something I have overall liked about iOS. Although, I will say that I have been surprised by the number of crashes, bugs, and rebooting that I have encountered on my 6 plus. Granted we are dealing with new software and form factor but the phone was released months ago. My phone has rebooted at random during use at least once a week since I started using it. Also, not to sound like a spec snob, I can really feel the limited RAM. I can hardly leave an app or webpage without reloading.
    Regardless, you may want to try another Android manufacturer, like HTC, Sony, or Motorola. I don't know if it is touchwiz bloat or what but I haven't truly liked one of their phones since my S3. Haven't tied the note 4. The Z3 and Z3 compact are fabulous phones.
  • I'm waiting to switch when the iPhone 6s hits. I have a Nexus 5 and I can't wait back to go the iOS world. Personally android and there customization that it endures is highly overrated. I do love the custom roms but I think a jailbroken idevice is better in my opinion having been accustomed to iOS since I received my iPod touch 3g years ago when android itself wasn't as tidy as it is today. The iPhone 6s better have 2 gigs of RAM though so if it doesn't I'm still staying on my nexus 5 until the 7 haha Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Nice bezels.
  • Awesome looking bezels.
  • Supremely awesome bezels... iBezels Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • It's not the addition of bigger screens that will make me want to switch to iOS. It's iOS itself that will make me want to stay on Android. A grid of icons on the home screens...still? What a complete waste of additional screen real estate.
  • Spend a lot of time on your home screen?
  • Not so much a question of the time you spend on your home screen as opposed to what the home screen can be configured to display. I can emulate an iOS device by just running from the app drawer. Not that I'd want to do that. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Yes I do. Because, unlike Apple, I can configure my home screen to display useful information via widgets at a glance without having to open an app or swipe down and scroll...scroll...scroll down until I find the info I want.
  • Home screen is a 2009 issue. Things like Extensibility and Continuity mean you don't have to go hunting through Home screens anymore. Widgets and other stuff there never made any sense. Now we have them in Notification center so we can get to them with a single swipe from anywhere. Progress.
  • Progress only from your biased Apple viewpoint. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Pretty much Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Exactly Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Try loading your notification center with more than 10 widgets and you end up scrolling...scrolling...scrolling until you find the widget you want. Oops...I scrolled too far, now I have to scroll back up again. Progress my butt.
  • Fuck iPhone 6!! I returned mine for a 5s! Hope they will make a 4 inch iPhone 6! Premium! Sent from the iMore App
  • Just curious what didnt you like about the 6? I went from a gold 5s to a gray 6 and love this phone in so many ways. The only thing I hate is the power button on the side. I shut the thing off too many times by accident.
  • I agree. I was totally against apple not keeping a 4" iPhone 6 model, but upgrade my 5s anyway and so happy I did. The 6 is perfect and I actually enjoy the extra screen real estate. Not to mention just how clean the space gray 6 looks and feels. Love the hardware and loving my iPhone 6.
  • The battery life is unbelievable for the 6 Plus. No need for a battery case. This is true all day battery life.
  • Just like it should be!
  • its crazy to see people wanting a 4-inch iPhone (nothing wrong with it), just surprised. This is probably the first time in my life that I've actually truly wanted an iPhone. Probably because they've made them bigger. I'll be switching to iPhone in about two weeks, but my favorite phone ever was the Note II, simple because of the size. I own the HTC One M8 and I love this too, but cannot wait to get back to that 5.5 screen size again.
  • So are you saying all the Android and windows phablets like note series have been a compromise for the past few years and only now with the 6plus there ain't any? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Yeah, many of them were. They compromised on displays by going with poorer versions of OLED or using PenTile alignments or other technologies. Now big phones are doing great, including the 6 Plus.
  • Off the mark again. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • And the 6plus has none right. Come on rene be partial atleast. To site that only now because apple have done a large phone it is because it's the the right time just screams fanboyism. The note 2 had no real compromise, neither did the note 3 or note 4. Pentile on those high res dpi screens didn't matter because the ppi was really high already and the Pentile pixels were diamond matrix meaning closer pixels together. The 6plus arguably has a compromise in the display. You say apple only do stuff when they are ready but lol apple are basically using 1080p display because they didn't want to go to 4x of the 5/5s display. For money reason or whatever but they don't have the display they really want. It's why they are upscaling it to like 2 .5 k res only to downscale it to 1080p again. You can say the fact that there camera bump is a compromise too. Sometimes you just need to give credit to the competition. Pretty much everyone says the larger devices by the others especially the note series is what made apple ultimately go against there belief of 1 handed devices. Sometimes you just got to give credit where it's due instead of always justifying why apple did something. If you truly believe the only reason apple never made a large phone in the past because there wasn't the right display or whatever then fine then believe that but everyone who's partial knows that's not true as there have been plenty of great large phones ages ago with little compromises that had great displays, great battery life etc. Sometimes you just got to lay off the apple juice. 6plus is great phone, my brother has it but to essentially say now is the right time for phablet and that's why apple made a 6plus is crazy. Apple made a 6plus because the competition showed there is a market for large devices and people want it. Not because apple were waiting till they made the perfect display or anything. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'm not a fanboy for any product, I have owned, and do own, whatever device suits my purpose at the time - over the years I have owned windows mobile, ios and android devices and loved them all. This article though, to me at least, almost came across like a paid advertisement for Apple. I know iMore is an Apple site, but I found this post rather self-serving and pointless. The majority of people reading it are already ios users, and if they aren't they are not likely to be swayed by it. Slow news day?
  • This will get rolled up into our buyer guide and gift guide. Those are typically seen by very different people than those who read iMore day-to-day.
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  • Very much so!
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  • Love my Space Grey 64 Gig 6 Plus. Sent from the iMore App
  • Well, Rene has left Windows Phone users in peace, we aren't being targeted to switch.
  • Every time I have even thought about switching to an iPhone, I read some of your iDiotic fanboy rhetoric and lies on iMore. That's all it takes to remind me what type of people use iOS. The nonsense about screen tech is the biggest example of an Apple apologist as I have ever seen. You were blasted about it from both sides...and rightfully so. As already pointed out, your comments about Amoled were wrong. The Note 4 has a diamond matrix Pentile display, and was still named best display on a smartphone. HTC released the first 720p phone, and the first ,1080p phone. Neither of which were Amoled. Let facts speak for themselves. Stop making up shit. It discredits you.
  • This reads more like an advertisement than an article. I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but I read it with more skepticism due to that fact.
  • Of course it's an ad. Look at those boobs.
  • Yea, Rene. I'm just as much of an Apple guy as you, but this article is pretty weak content from what I've come to expect from iMore.
  • Indeed Bigger looks better for me, wahoo!! Its a NAME which gives better, Apple please
  • I was assuming this was an advertisement piece. Blog sites need funding...so there are real articles to provide the substance to draw an audience, and then some sites include advertisement articles like this mixed in to promote their core funding source(s). This is a great site with lots of great content, but you do have to take some of the articles, like this one, with a grain of salt.