Sygic "Confirms" First Turn-by-Turn App to Enter App Store?

Dieter gave us our first eyes-on look at Sygic's Turn-by-Turn GPS solution for the iPhone 3G, but we wondered if Apple -- whose iPhone SDK specifically forbid providing such navigation -- would ever allow it.

Seems Sygic thinks they will:

Sygic is entering the AppStore to be the first on the market that offers full turn-by-turn navigation for Apple users. "We believe Apple users will benefit soon from Sygic Mobile 2009 turn-by-turn navigation worldwide – the same as all of our customers on different platforms" said Michal Stencl, CEO and founder of Sygic.

Could this be part of a new Premium App Store launch later today? Our tipper, antonioj, seems to think it will...

Only 2 hours left, so be sure to join us for our live meta-blog coverage and hopefully we'll find out together!

Rene Ritchie

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