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Best apps for iPhone: Riposte, Netbot, and Felix!

Looking for the absolute best iPhone apps in the App Store? You've come to the right place! provides a ton of different services, including the Alpha micro-blogging platform that works just like Twitter but with a larger character limit and a business model that's far more friendly to developers and people in general. All of that has combined to make a nerd-oasis on the internet and on the iPhone. There are lots of different apps on the App Store each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. But which ones are the very best?

More → introduces Broadcast, publish or subscribe to your own push notification channels has introduced an interesting new feature called Broadcast, wherein you can publish or subscribe to "broadcast channels" delivered by way of push notifications. Dalton Caldwell writes on the ADN Blog:

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Felix for updates iPhone version with more gestures, new look for private messages, and more

Felix, one of the more popular clients for has just received a rather generous update including more gesture support, a facelift and enhancements to private messaging, full size images, and more.

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The iMore team is on, here's how to follow us!

We're talking social all week this week on Talk Mobile, and one of the newest pretenders to the throne is It's a more interesting proposition than just a mere social network, positioning itself as a platform and inviting developers to build on it. It's also not free, which from the outset may have put some folks off trying it out. There are now invite-only, free, limited accounts to get people through the door and trying it out. And of course, the iMore team, well some of the iMore team, is on as well, so here's how to follow us!

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How to integrate ADN messaging with Mac Messages using Project Amy

If you're a fan of's messaging service, there's a nifty little plugin by developer Steve Streza, called Project Amy, that lets you integrate your ADN account directly into Apple's Messages app under OS X Mountain Lion. Project Amy is pretty straight forward, and will allow you to send and receive private messages just like you would on ADN straight through Messages.

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Project Amy integrates messaging into Apple's Messages for Mac

Developer Steve Streza, best known as part of the Pocket team, has taken his Apparchy joint from last year -- the one that let you post to (ADN)'s micro-blogging service via the official Twitter client -- and upstaged it with Project Amy, a way to post to ADN's messaging platform with Apple's Messages app for Mac. Streza writes on Informal Protocol:

More → adds free, invite-only limited account tier (ADN) has just announced a new, free account tier. It's by invite only, so if you want in you'll have to hit up an existing, paid friend with an account. It's also limited, in that you can't engage with as many people or host as much data as a paid account. What it is is a way to sample one of the most interesting cloud services to date. Dalton Caldwell dropped the F-as-in-free-bomb on the ADN blog:

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Felix for updated to support ADN storage and more!

Felix by tigerbears, one of the most distinctive clients to date, has updated with new features to take advantage of ADN's growing list of uniquely non-Twitter-like attributes. Namely, Felix now supports ADN's new File API, so you can store your photos and videos directly in your ADN account, and not have to worry about third-party hosting services.

More → adds File API, talks "unbundling", gives members 10GB of cloud storage, which pivoted to a Twitter-style service when Twitter began choking out third party client developers, has now taken a bold new step towards what just might be a bigger, unbundled future. And, oh yeah, that future comes with 10GB of cloud storage for members. Dalton Caldwell writes on the blog:

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Rivr for updated with new features and a refreshed UI

If you're still using and are in the market for a new client, you may want to take another look at Rivr which just got updated with lots of new features and enhancements to existing ones. New features include Camera+ integration, night time mode, markdown support, and more. The interface has also gotten a bit of a facelift as well as some refinements for existing features.

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