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Epic Games offers details on its support for ARKit and VR on the Mac

Epic's Tim Sweeney has offered some details on Unreal Engine's support for ARKit and virtual reality on the Mac.

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Fortnite from Epic Games coming to the Mac, beta coming this fall

Epic Games confirmed that their upcoming action-sanbox game Fortnite will be coming to the Mac, and that a beta for the game will be released sometime this fall.

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Epic Games releases Unreal Engine 4-based Epic Zen Garden demo for iOS 8

Epic Games has released its Epic Zen Garden demo for iOS 8 users, a few months after the game developer showed off the Unreal Engine 4-based graphics demonstration at WWDC 2014 in June.

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Gears of War for Apple products? Forget about it, thanks to Microsoft

If you had ever hoped to see Gears of War show up for your Mac or iPad, it's pretty safe to assume it's never going to happen. On Monday Microsoft Studios confirmed it had acquired the rights to the game from Epic Games, according to GamesIndustry International.

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Infinity Blade goes free for Black Friday week

Even though it's now three years old, if you're looking for a great game to play on your iPhone or iPad then the original Infinity Blade title is still well worth a look. Better still, the game is now free to download for a limited time in honor of Black Friday week.

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Infinity Blade 3 teased on iPhone 5S

Infinity Blade 2 adds 5.7 million new players through Apple free app promotion

We all love a bargain, and one such recent example was Apple's 5th anniversary of the App Store promotion that saw a range of apps and games, like Infinity Blade 2, go free for a limited time. Such offers will always entice a good number of new downloads, but Infinity Blade 2 it seems has really come out on top. In the seven days of the promotion, Infinity Blade 2 saw a massive 5.7 million new players, with 1.7 million coming in just the first day alone.

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Infinity Blade: Dungeons saga concludes with cancellation by Epic Games

Infinity Blade: Dungeons was supposed to be a showpiece for the iPad, initially announced way back at the iPad 3 launch event, and now it seems we shall never get to play it. The title was put on hold indefinitely when developer Impossible Studios closed down, but the publisher Epic Games has now confirmed the project is cancelled.

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Infinity Blade: Dungeons delayed until 2013

Cue up the sad trombones - Infinity Blade: Dungeons, the hack-and-slash fantasy action game that wowwed crowds at the announcement of the new iPad, won't see the light of day this year according to Epic Games.

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Infinity Blade was more profitable for Epic Games than Gears of War

In a recent interview Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney talked a lot about the freemium model, convergence, and in particular how successful they've been in mobile. "The most profitable game we've ever made, in terms of man years invested versus revenue, is actually Infinity Blade. It's more profitable than Gears of War."

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