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iFixit gives us a look inside the 2017 4K iMac

iFIxit has opened up the 2017 21.5-inch iMac, giving us a look at it's (technically) removable memory.

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The new MacBook Pro trades convenience for reparability — and for most, that's okay

In an age where Macs look more and more like iPhones and iPads, how do you future-proof $2000 laptops?

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MacBook Pro teardown offers look at the Touch Bar and a speaker surprise

iFixit has once again opened up a new Apple product, this time the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

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9.7-inch iPad Pro teardown reveals how Apple managed to shrink the premium experience

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the perfect solution for those who wished for the most advanced iPad but in a smaller package. Just how Apple managed to shrink down the premium experience is revealed as iFixit takes a look inside the tablet.

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iFixit goes under the hump in Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s teardown

The folks at iFixit have taken a deep dive beneath the hump of the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s, giving us a peek at what's inside.

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iFixit takes a look inside the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard in new teardown

iFixit has taken apart the other major accessory for the iPad Pro, Apple's Smart Keyboard. The keyboard is shown to be highly durable, and utilizes a conductive fabric to transfer power and data.

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iPad Pro teardown reveals how much space the new self-balancing speakers take up

The iFixit team has already done their thing, and tore down the all-new iPad Pro, giving us a great look at what's inside the huge tablet. It appears as though Apple sacrificed some battery size in favor of speaker improvements, and just how few components are actually inside.

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Apple cancels iFixit's developer account following NDA violation

iFixit, the site best known for their gadget hardware teardowns, had their developer account canceled after publishing a teardown of the new Apple TV developer unit in violation of Apple's terms and conditions.

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New iPod touch teardown reveals 1,043mAh battery, 1GB of RAM

iFixit has opened up the latest iPod touch, revealing few surprises, but giving us a good look at the guts of Apple's latest music player.

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iFixit posts repair and replacement guides for Apple Watch parts

iFixit has published a set of repair manuals focusing on different aspects of the Apple Watch.

Following their teardown of the Apple Watch last week, iFixit has posted four guides for replacing different parts of the device.

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