iPod nano 7 gets torn down, tiny guts exposed to the world

We've already seen the iPod touch 5 torn down so it's only fair that the iPod Nano 7 get the same treatment. Since the iPod nano is quite bit larger than its predecessor, it makes repairability a little more economical and realistic, but not by much. iFixIt once again did the deed:

With a plastic opening tool in hand, we probed the depths of the Nano's compact design. Good news: the Nano's case can be opened with a standard Phillips #00 screwdriver and a little prying from a plastic opening tool. Unfortunately, the Nano's battery, Lightning connector, button cable, and headphone jack are all soldered to the logic board. To top that off, the battery is also adhered to the back of the assembly, which will make the battery difficult to replace when it fails (as batteries inevitably do).

The good news is that the new iPod nano's casing can be pulled open with only a #00 Phillips screwdriver and a plastic pry tool. The bad news is that a lot of components are soldered straight to the logic board including the Lightning connector, headphone jack, and Home button cable.

Anyone who has ever taken apart an iOS device before knows that the Home button is typically the first thing to give out due to excessive use. It wouldn't make these kinds of repairs cost effective considering the iPod nano is only priced at $149. A shattered screen, however, is definitely replaceable.

When it comes to a batteries, however, since they'resoldered in, it probably won't be economical for most users to replace it themselves. The current cost for AppleCare customers after the first year is $59 plus shipping and tax which probably will remain the same. We aren't yet sure what Apple will charge for a replacement battery in the new iPod nano if you're out of warranty.

Overall, iFixIt gave the 7th gen iPod nano a repairability score of 5 which is at least higher than the new 5th generation iPod touch which only received a score of 3 out of 10. Ouch.

To check out the entire teardown, hit the link below. Also make sure you enter our iPod touch and iPod nano giveaway for your chance to win one straight from iMore!

Source & image credit: iFixIt

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.