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How to make your jailbroken iPhone feel more like a Windows phone — and why you'd want to

If your iOS device is 'jailbroken' and you're a former Windows phone user, these tweaks and modifications can help make Apple's mobile OS feel more familiar.

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Deus Ex: The Fall prevents jailbreakers from firing weapons

Users attempting to play Deus Ex: The Fall, released yesterday, on a jailbroken device will be in for a bit of a shock when they attempt to fire a weapon, and nothing happens. It seems that in order to get the full experience of the game, players must be using a non-jailbroken device.

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DMCA jailbreak exemption set to expire, EFF asks for your help to get it renewed and expanded

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is asking for your help to tell the U.S. Copyright Office that jailbreaking does not violate the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), and its exemption should be continued and expanded.

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iPhone 4 Bluetooth woes, Jailbreaking/Unlocking, Next generation iPhone, iPhone/iPod/iPad accessories - From the Forums

The TiPb forums are naturally a great place to talk, commiserate, celebrate, get help, and offer advice to your fellow iPhone users. In order to create a new thread of your own or reply to any of the existing threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is easy and free so if you haven’t already head on over and register now!

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What Jailbreaking/Unlocking DMCA exception means for end users

The Library of Congress' DMCA exception for jailbreaking is big news for our community.  The new ruling basically says that jailbreaking or unlocking devices is not illegal.  But I think the bigger question on most people's minds is what that's going to mean for end users and the jailbreak community in general.  So what does this ruling mean for you, jailbreak ninjas? Read on to find out.

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iPhone SDK Agreement Prohibits Developers Jailbreaking, Assisting in Jailbreaking

Ars Technica is reporting, and posting the relevant legal language to back up, that the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement now contains language that says:

registered developers can no longer jailbreak their own phones or assist others in jailbreaking their phones, including (but not limited to) working on projects such as QuickPwn or PwnageTool. Developers are also forbidden from using the iPhone OS, SDK, or other developer tools to develop applications for distribution in any way other than the App Store or Ad Hoc distribution—which of course rules out distribution via Cydia, free or otherwise.

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Apple's New Macbooks Declaring War On Jailbreakers?

What a bizarre turn of events we have here... It seems that everyone who has a new Macbook, Macbook Pr, or Macbook Air and wants to jailbreak there iPhone is in for a surprise. You will be unable to do so. New Macbook owners will notice an iPhone or iPod Touch will not be detected when it is booted into DFU mode, which we all know is key for jailbreaking.

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Top 5 Must-Have Jailbreak Apps

[You're tempted. We know you are. We are too. Even with the App Store, Jailbreaking is the ultimate in iPhone forbidden fruit. So what will it take to push us over the edge? How about the top 5 killer Apps. Stuff Apple will never allow in the official store? Jeremy rounds them up for us below, and if you do decide to take the plunge, he has you covered with full tutorials on how to Jailbreak the iPhone 3G with Quickpwn for Windows PCs, Mac OS X, how to Jailbreak and Unlock the original iPhone 2G.]

Our forums have been buzzing lately with members asking "why should I jailbrake?" Well today TiPb brings you some of the very best reasons: the top 5 must have Jailbreak Apps!

What are they and what do they do? Read on after the jump!

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Today on the Forums: What Do You Want From iPhone 2.2? Still On the Fence About Jailbreaking?

Today on the forums we have a few interesting poll threads for you.

The cat is out of Apple's bag regarding the 2.2 beta firmware and we want to know exactly what feature you most want to see added??? Take a look at the options and make your vote!

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How To: Jailbreak iPhone 2.2.1 - Mac OS X QuickPWN Edition

Disclaimer - Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing.

IMPORTANT: If you have a iPhone 3G that you want to unlock you must use the preserving baseband method - only available on Macs.

There has been a lot of buzz going on in the forums regarding jailbreaking the iPhone 2.2.1 firmware lately, and a lot of questions to go along with i t!. Today we're going to take a deeper look at the exact steps you have to take to get your iPhone jailbroken on your Mac.

Let's get started, after the jump!

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