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redsn0w updated for iOS 5 beta 3, Jailbreakme.com updated to fix kernel patches

No sooner did iOS 5 beta 3 come out then the iPhone Dev Team followed with redsn0w 0.9.8b2. The previous version of redsn0w worked on the new release, but not perfectly according to MuscleNerd:

redsn0w 0.9.8b2 http://is.gd/6eek4Y should fix 50b3 App Store issue (if you're already JB, just use this to boot tethered)

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Comex to address camera connection kit issues caused by jailbreakme [jailbreak]

If you have jailbroken your iPad with the recently released Jailbreakme exploit and use the official Apple Camera Connection Kit, you may have noticed that it no longer works. Apparently Comex knows all about the problem and will be issuing a fix for it today. The fix will enable you to use the Camera Connection Kit as normal and will also address some packages from Cydia that have had problems too.

According to Comex, the fix will be in the form of a download from Cydia; if you are already jailbroken. We assume then that it should be part of any new jailbreak in the future; but don’t quote us on that!

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Apple preparing patch for JailbreakMe.com PDF exploit

As expected, Apple is preparing a software update -- likely iOS 4.3.4 for most devices, iOS 4.2.9 for the Verizon iPhone -- to close the PDF exploit behind JailbreakMe.com. While JailbreakMe.com uses the exploit to Jailbreak current iOS firmware and install the Cydia app store, the same exploit could be used by a hacker to easily gain access to a user's device for malicious purposes.

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Poll: Are you going to jailbreak your iPad 2?

The iPad 2 Jailbreak is finally here, courtesy of JailbreakMe.com, but will you use it? iOS 4.3 is solid and iOS 5 is just around the corner with Notification Center, iMessages, and more. So is the need to Jailbreak still compelling?

I'm still on the fence myself, so help me make up my mind before iPad Live this Sunday. If you're going to Jailbreak, let me know and tell me why. If not, same deal.

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JailbreakMe.com Jailbreaks 1,000,000 iOS devices... and counting

JailbreakMe.com (third edition), which finally offers a Jailbreak for iPad 2 (and all other iOS devices on current firmware) has hit the 7 figure milestone:

Just passed 1,000,000 jailbreaks from http://t.co/hm5eSyO — be sure to share a link with your friends while it's still available!

Chris has a Jailbreakme.com tutorial posted if you need extra help, and our Jailbreak forums are always at your disposal.

(Though it's really easy to use. Took me only a few minutes, and half of that was filling out the donation form while I waited.)


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Daily Tip: How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.3 via JailbreakMe (including iPad 2)

Wondering how to jailbreak using the just-released JailbreakMe.com exploit? It is probably the easiest jailbreak yet, and we will walk you through it step by step after the break.

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PDF Patcher 2 updated to close PDF vulnerability [jailbreak]

Apple left  iOS 4.3.3 vulnerable to a PDF exploit, which allows JailbreakMe.com to jailbreak your iPhone. This takes place over the air via the Safari mobile browser. The good news is that you can close this hole very easily, once you have jailbroken your device. Just Jailbreak and then search Cydia for PDF Patcher 2 v1.0, this little tweak will make you secure from any potentially malicious hacks using the same hole as JailbreakMe.

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JailbreakMe now available, jailbreak the iPad 2, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on iOS 4.3.3

That’s right folks, the waiting is now over -- JailbreakMe has now gone officially live, and the iPad 2 jailbreak we've been waiting for since March is finally here. Even better, JailbreakMe also supports the iPhone, original iPad, and the iPod touch runinng iOS 4.3.3. (And yes, it will also work on the Verizon iPhone running iOS 4.2.6 to 4.2.8.)

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iPad 2 jailbreak to be officially released today?

After the recent leak of a beta version of the iPad 2 jailbreak, it looks like the official version may be getting released very soon -- maybe as soon as today. The jailbreakme.com site has been updated with a rather cheeky yellow sticky note with the well know phrase “We’ll be back soon”. (The sticky note is used by Apple when it has taken down its online store to update.)


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Jailbreakme.com updated, been far too long working on iPad 2 Jailbreak?

Comex's Jailbreakme.com site has been updated again with yet another image that shows a list of commits along with an overlay saying:

"It's been far too long."

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