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How to quickly see everything in an application on macOS

Learn the ins and outs of App Exposé on macOS.

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Bumpr is my new favorite Menu bar widget for Mac

You can switch between web browsers and email clients using Bumpr. It's the best thing since chocolate and peanut butter!

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Setapp, the Netflix of Mac apps, is now available to all

You can subscribe to use more than 60 apps with Setapp. It is now out of beta and ready for the public!

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Ten Mac apps you need to download right now!

Just get your hands on a new Mac? Looking for new apps to spice up your computing? Here are ten apps that will make your machine work some magic.

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Pastebot turns your Mac into a tasty, pasty pro!

Do you copy and paste all the live-long day? Then you need Pastebot for the Mac!

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Setapp is the Netflix of Mac apps and you're invited to the beta!

Setapp is a new app service that gives access to dozens of Mac apps for a monthly charge. We've got beta invites to give away so you can try it right now!

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Keep an eye on your Mac — and its environment — with Periscope Pro

Sometimes you want, or more appropriately, need to keep an eye on things. To that end, a Mac equipped with a built-in FaceTime camera or another webcam can help, but only if you have the right software installed. ZipZapMac's Periscope Pro can help you surveil your Mac's surroundings.

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Disk Alarm for Mac review

"Your startup disk is full."

If you've ever gotten that error message on your Mac, you know what a headache it can be. It can keep your Mac from running, at least until you've moved or deleted enough files for it to work again. A utility called Disk Alarm can help you head off disk space problems before you're in a crisis.

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Hands on with Typed, a new text editor for the Mac

Typed is a new text editor for the Mac from RealMac Software, the makers of RapidWeaver, Clear and Ember. If you're looking for a simple Mac text editor that will just get out of your way, give it a try.

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GitHub releases a simpler, faster GitHub for Mac

GiHub for Mac is a pretty powerful tool that has always aimed to make code sharing easier for all and now, it has taken that to the next level with the release of a an even simpler, faster GitHub for Mac. The update is noted as a significant one that brings a simplified navigation and a renewed focus on your cloned repositories.

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