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Do you need the latest MacBook Pro or can you save money by going with last year's model?

Sometimes the newest thing isn't the best, depending on your needs. Take a complete look at specs before pulling the trigger to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck.

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The MacBook and the future of Apple laptops

Apple gave us a glimpse into the future of laptops with the new MacBook. But what does that mean for the rest of the company's laptops?

Tim Cook was unambiguous about the new MacBook during his most recent conference call with financial analysts:

We believe — and I think most everyone agrees — this is the future of the notebook.

The new MacBook hasn't exactly wowed early reviewers with its performance capabilities, but I think the laptop is fundamentally designed to appeal to a different class of user than Apple currently caters to with its MacBook Air and the Retina MacBook Pro.

Having said that, the company is likely going to continue to make powerful laptops that appeal to its current customer base. So when Cook says that the MacBook is the future of the notebook, what does he mean?

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Apple's new MacBook: How does its Retina display compare to other Macs?

Apple's new MacBook sports a Retina display. But how does it compare to the Retina MacBook Pro or the 5K iMac? Let's take a look...

The new MacBook recently revealed at Apple's Spring Forward event hits stores on April 10th. It's the second MacBook product to feature what Apple calls a "Retina display," joining the Retina MacBook Pro which first appeared in 2012. What does Retina display mean, and how does the new MacBook's Retina display compared to existing Macs?

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NSFW: I'm not overcompensating, I swear

Some people love to turn regular full-sized pickups into monster trucks. They jack up the suspensions, put on huge tires, modify the exhaust. And what's left is a hulking monstrosity that's twice as tall as any other passenger vehicle on the road, roaring, thoroughly intimidating.

I know it's judgmental of me, but inevitably when one of these pulls up next to me at a stoplight, my first thought is, "Nice truck, buddy. Sorry about your penis."

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A shadetree mechanic's lament: The death of the upgradeable MacBook

I've been doing some housecleaning lately and I've found a few older Macs that I'd stopped using a long time ago, but never had the heart to sell or recycle. Among them is a "Lombard"-era PowerBook G3 that I got when I was working at Macworld back in the early oughts. As much as I like the design of today's MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, I find the old machine a great looking system too, and I'm a bit sad that Macs aren't still made like this.

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Is AppleCare worth it for your MacBook?

Wondering if the extra $249 - $349 for AppleCare is worth it for your MacBook? Here's my take

I've had my 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro for about a year and three months; three months longer than the standard Apple warranty. So when it started to develop problems with the trackpad recently, I was doubly grateful that AppleCare was part of the original purchase.

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Save big today on huge SSD storage upgrades for your MacBook

Transcend's SSD upgrade kits for the MacBook Air or Retina MacBook Pro are seeing substantial discounts today on Amazon. The upgrade kits swap out the modular SSD board on older versions of the laptops (alas, they're not compatible with the more recent models) and uses your original SSD as a slim external USB drive. But the deals are only good for today, so if you've been stymied by your limited storage space, you should take a look now.

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Retina MacBook Pros get mild processor bump and pricing change; will Mac users keep buying?

A bit more than a week ago, Intel offered new Core i5 and Core i7 chips to augment its line of "Haswell"-era microprocessors. Apple wasted no time getting the new chips into its own production; on Tuesday the company introduced refreshed Retina MacBook Pros containing the new processors. Are Apple's tweaks to the MacBook Pro line enough to keep people buying them?

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Apple refreshes its Retina MacBook Pro line-up with improved hardware

Apple has today unveiled new units in its MacBook Pro range of Retina laptops. The units sport improved (and newer) Intel Haswell processors, coupled with increased RAM as standard options. 13-inch Pro models come with 8GB of RAM minimum, while the larger 15-inch options pack 16GB. Not only are we looking at increased specifications, but the high-end 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro has also received a price drop, now selling for $2499.

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WWDC 2012 Flashback: Mountain Lion, iOS 6 and the radical new Retina MacBook Pro

As we head towards WWDC 2014 we thought it would be fun to look back at Apple World Wide Developer Conferences past, what they introduced, and what impact they made. Today let's take a look at WWDC 2012, where Apple took the wraps off of Mountain Lion, iOS 6 and new MacBook models...

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