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TomTom Promo Video Shows Off Car Kit

TomTom insists on teasing us all with the above video yet there is still no mention of pricing or availability. As you can see, this car kit brings a lot more to the table than a simple window mount for your iPhone. With the following extras, you can count on this being a pricey addition to your accessory collection.

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UPDATED: TomTom Turn-by-Turn Navigation for iPhone Beginning to Appear in International App Stores

UPDATED: Here're the US deets: TomTom US & Canada [$99.99 - iTunes link], TomTom Australia [$79.99 - iTunes link], TomTom New Zealand [$94.99 - iTunes link]

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TomTom / Turn-by-Turn GPS On the iPhone 3G Still in Limbo?

Running out of things to say about the ongoing (and ongoing, and ongoing, and ongoing) TomTom and general turn-by-turn GPS on the iPhone saga?

Lucky for us, MSNBC's Suzanne Choney (via MacDailyNews) found out the big industry players certainly aren't.

Says TomTom:

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Ongoing TomTom on iPhone Saga Goes On. And On.

Are you tired of hearing about whether or not we'll get actual, real, turn-by-turn GPS on the iPhone yet? You shouldn't be, because it's a killer feature that a lot of other smartphone platforms are justifiably proud of and the iPhone needs to get it, Apple's crazy rules be damned. At least, that's what we tell ourselves when we cover all this TomTom news, from "It's coming to iPhone" to "It's not coming."

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TomTom on iPhone: Not so much now?

Hoo doggy. First we thought that we were definitely getting TomTom for the iPhone, giving us 3D, realtime navigation. Then we heard that the iPhone SDK explicitly prohibits just that sort of application. We weren't worried, though, because TomTom told us we'd get it and we, you know, trusted them.


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iPhone SDK Agreement - Not So Much With the Real Time GPS?

Well now, we told you that TomTom is bringing full-on, real GPS driving to the iPhone, but apparently they're going to be the exception that makes the rule. Engadget has dug into the developer agreement for the iPhone SDK and came across this little nugget related to what developers can and cannot do with the Location services:

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TomTom to make Navigation Software for the iPhone 3G

Ready for developers to take advantage of the new features in the iPhone 3G, namely GPS? Well don't worry, TomTom, makers of popular GPS units and GPS software, has already developed navigation software for the iPhone 3G. A TomTom spokesperson was quoted as saying,

"Navigation System runs on the iPhone already"

There is no official release date or press release but be prepared for an onslaught of GPS software to take advantage of the GPS in the iPhone 3G and not just from TomTom. Who knows which will be best? Will it be TomTom, Garmin, or a totally unknown company? This should be fun.

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