Hall of fame: Loren Brichter and Tweetie

Tweetie for iPhone launched in 2008 and from the very beginning was described as the Twitter app Apple themselves would have made. While that was certainly meant to compliment Tweetie's native look and feel, and its incredible performance, it falls short of capturing the skill and vision of Loren Brichter, the man behind the app.

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Loren Brichter's influence on mobile app design

Loren Brichter got his start working on the original iPhone at Apple, then created and ultimately sold Tweetie to Twitter, and is now responsible for the phenomenal word game, Letterpress. Jessica E. Lessin has profiled Brichter, and elaborated on his influence on mobile interface design in the Wall Street Journal:

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Loren Brichter talks Apple, OpenGL, Tweetie, Letterpress, and the future of interface

Loren Brichter of Atebits talks to Guy and Rene about working on the iPhone at Apple, Tweetie at Twitter, and now Letterpress on his own. OpenGL, Game Center API, in-app purchases, iOS 7 feature requests, and other assorted nerdery follows.

Here's the audio, again, in case you missed it. And now, for the first time, here's the full transcript! (Yes, we're doing transcripts now!)

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Iterate 21: Brichter

Marc, Seth, and Rene iterate through Google's Project Glass, upgrade pricing, and Instagram's sale to Facebook, and interrogate Tweetie creator Loren Brichter of Atebits. This is Iterate!

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Twitter’s iOS developer Loren Brichter announces his departure

Twitter’s iOS developer Loren Brichter has announced via a tweet on his personal account that he has just served his last day with the company. Loren Brichter was the lead developer for Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for iPad.

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Official Twitter for iPad will be the best Tweetie yet

Twitter recently purchased Tweetie, the widely popular iPhone and Mac Twitter client, and the iPhone version was renamed Twitter for iPhone. The big question on everyone's minds has been if there will be a "Twitter for iPad" any time soon. The answer is Yes!

Loren Brichter, the designer of Tweetie and now employee of Twitter, has confirmed that Twitter for iPad is coming to the iPad, it's coming soon, and he's very excited about it. He claims that "the goal is to exceed the Twitter iPhone app in the iPad."

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iPhone live podcast #100!

iPhone live turns 100! Also: iPhone OS 4 goes beta 4, iPhone HD/iPhone 4G goes white, Wi-Fi sync goes jailbreak, and Tweetie goes Twitter for iPhone. Listen in!

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Twitter for iPhone is here, what do you think?

Twitter for iPhone (aka Tweetie 3.0) is finally here and... it's pretty much the same as before with a few interesting tweaks up front and behind the scenes. Here's the full change list:

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Twitter for iPhone (Tweetie 3.0) is coming... now-ish

Twitter for iPhone, aka Tweetie 3.0, is showing as an available update now in iTunes, though the link currently leads to an "application unavailable" popup. We take this to mean that, yes, Tweetie 2.0 was pulled from the iTunes App Store last night because the newly rebranded version is on its way... now-ish.

How long it takes for now-ish to become now depends on entirely on the wanton tease that is iTunes' international propagation system. If/when you manage to grab it, let us know in comments and tell us what you think. (Especially if you spot any nifty new features!)

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Tweetie 2 gone from App Store. Twitter for iPhone incoming?

Looks like Tweetie 2 is gone from the App Store and that could mean its anticipated renaming and relaunch as Twitter for iPhone is nigh.

Atebits's Loren Brichter, the developer behind Tweetie, announced just over a month ago that Twitter was buying Tweetie as their official iPhone app and he was joining their mobile division, and that not only would the Mac version continue (users are eagerly waiting for Tweetie for Mac 2), an iPad version was also on its way.

TechCrunch teases that a new Twitter for iPhone, if it is indeed launched today-ish, could even be a universal binary that works for both iPhone and iPad.

While we wait and see, let us know if you're not a current Tweetie user, will it going all official (and free) prompt you to switch or at least give it a try? (And what will that mean for


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