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Send tweets from Notification Center (on iOS 5) with iQuick Tweet for iPhone (giveaway)

One of the big features of the upcoming iOS 6 is the ability to send a Tweet directly from Notification Center, but if you don't want to wait until Fall (probably October) for it's release (or are planning not to upgrade), iQuick Tweet for iPhone is here! iQuick Tweet allows you to swipe down Notification Center, tap the notification, and send a tweet!

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Quip for iPad review

Quip is a new Twitter app for the iPad designed by the incredible development team Glasshouse Apps. I know what you're thinking: "another Twitter app?" Yes, but Quip is no ordinary Twitter app. Quip takes a refreshing approach that focuses on making it easy to follow conversations.

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Enjoy offline favorites, keyword mute filers, and read later support with Tweetbot 2.4 for iPhone and iPad

The extremely popular Twitter client Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad has just been updated to version 2.4. It brings a new search view, keyword mute filters, offline favorite and Read Later support, and more.

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Now you can block retweets from individual users with Tweetbot 2.3 for iPhone and iPad

The widely popular twitter client for iPhone and iPad, Tweetbot, has been updated to version 2.3 and brings with it some great new features, including a new tweet detail view with both inline conversations and replies, the ability to stop retweets from individual users, new gestures, and more.

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Discover more, search more, and get notified more with updated Twitter for iPhone

Twitter for iPhone isn't your early adopter, power user app. It's not designed fro the gadget nerd with tons of followers who engages in non-stop repartees with like-minded friends, peers, and colleagues all day. It for the new mainstream Twitter user who has very few followers, follows tons of celebrities, and is looking for more and better ways to find something... anything... to do on Twitter. Like it or not, since the last redesign, that's the the official Twitter app's target user now. And that's who they're improving things for with this update.

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Keep your Twitter timeline and DM's synced between devices with Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad

If you've been looking for a way to keep your Twitter timeline synced between your iPhone and iPad, you'll be happy to know that Tweetbot has been updated with the ability to do just that with the help of iCloud sync.

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Delete all of your tweets with Tweeticide for iPhone

Does looking through your tweets make you cringe and despise the impression that it gives of you as person? Tweeticide is here to give you a fresh start! With just the tap of button, Tweeticide will delete all your tweets. You can now relax about being judged by that potential employer!

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Twitter for iPhone update brings back swipe shortcut

Twitter for iPhone has received yet another update and brings back some high-demand features including the swipe shortcut. There is also a nice clear warning that explicitly states that the Find Friends feature accesses your contacts' email addresses and phone numbers.

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Tweetbot for iPad review

"Tweetbot has made the leap from iPhone to iPad and brought with it's excellent user-interface, best-in-class notifications, and powerful yet accessible feature set."

Twitter is the social network antithesis of Facebook -- limited amounts of content, no obligation to follow those who follow you, and most of the communication is done out in the open by default. Twitter launched around the same time as iOS, and the two platforms immediately seemed made for each other (something which became official with iOS 5 Twitter integration.)

Tweetbot came out only in the last year but has quickly become one of the most popular and most powerful Twitter apps on the iPhone, going so far as to sweep the social network category in both iMore's readers choice, and editors choice awards. Now it comes to the iPad with the same distinctive, mecha-inspired interface, but not as a universal binary -- meaning you have to pay for the iPad version separately, even if you own the iPhone version.

It's only $2.99, which is less than the price of most burgers, but is Tweetbot worth it? Do the features and functionality that rocked the iPhone scale to match the bigger iPad screen?

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Tweetbot 2.0 for iPhone adds new timeline, image thumbnails, and more

The widely popular iPhone Twitter app Tweetbot has just been updated with new timeline and direct message views with image thumbnails, a redesigned "new tweets" bar, support for readability, and more.

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