'Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice' lands on Mac today, iOS Thursday

Are you looking to get a little more Game of Thrones in your life between seasons? Well, there's some good news, as Telltale Games has announced that episode one of its Game of Thrones series, titled "Iron From Ice," is available today on Mac — or at least that's the plan. It currently seems that Telltale is experiencing a slight delay in getting the Mac client out the door, but they are working on getting it up as soon as possible.

The series will follow the story of House Forrester over a span of six episodes. Additionally, the game takes place somewhere between the third and fifth seasons of the show, and it features the voices of the actors you've come to know and love (or despise) in the television series.

While the game is only available on Mac and PC today, Telltale is running a staggered release that will see the game landing on iOS on Thursday, December 4th. For right now, assuming Telltale fixes whatever is causing the delay, you can go ahead and grab the game on your Mac from your choice of Telltale's online store or Steam at the links below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster