Ten One Design's Blockhead lets your MacBook charger hug the wall

If you own an Apple laptop like a MacBook Pro, and want more options for plugging in your charger, Ten One Design's Blockhead might be up your alley. The Blockhead resembles the standard MacBook plug adapter, except that it's prongs stick out a 90-degree angle compared to the standard plug. This lets your charging brick stay close to the wall, rather than jutting out.

With the Blockhead installed, your charger will only stick out 1.2 inches from the wall, compared to 3.8 inches with the standard adapter. The Blockhead is compatible not only with all MacBook chargers, but also all 10 and 12-watt iPad chargers. It plugs into the charger just like the standard adapter.

Ten One Design is currently offering two packages for the Blockhead. You can order a single adapter for $19.95, or order a package of two for $34.95. The Blockhead is expected to ship in late April.

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