This is the microphone I trust my podcast with – and it's a steal on Prime Day

Hyperx Quadcast S Mute Button
Hyperx Quadcast S Mute Button (Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

When I took over as one of the hosts for the iMore Show, I realized that I would need a good-quality USB Microphone to record the audio for the show. Without hesitation, I turned to my HyperX QuadCast S. Over the years covering tech, I have tried multiple USB microphones, and no other one has the features, style, and sound quality that I trust to record the podcast. But here's the thing; it's an excellent accessory to have regardless of what you like to do because it has so many applications. It makes video calls better, gaming with friends easier, and recording any audio — even some acoustic guitar and vocals — much more accessible. I would go as far as to say that a good-quality USB microphone is an essential item for a Mac user.

Since I bought the HyperX Qudcast S, I've never looked back. Even though I've used dozens of great USB microphones over the years for multiple purposes, I still keep coming back to QuadCast S for all my needs. Whether I'm recording my audio for the iMore Show, recording a few things on my acoustic guitar, or just making sure all my coworkers can hear me on video calls, I need a microphone that can work in almost all situations – and it does! The best part, the HyperX QuadCast S is only $112 at Amazon for Prime Day.

The best podcasting USB microphone you can buy on Prime Day

HyperX QuadCast S | Was $159 now $112

HyperX QuadCast S | Was $159 now $112

The HyperX QuadCast S does everything it promises to do. While it certainly is not a studio-grade microphone (no USB microphone really is), it records beautiful clear audio in various scenarios. The background noise it picks up is extremely manageable by lowering the gain and bringing the mic closer to your desired sound source. Plus, the built-in pop filter is a welcome addition.

A big reason for the microphone working so well in a lot of different situations is the various polar patterns you can record using the QuadCast S. With the simple turn of a knob on the back microphone; you can switch between cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo polar patterns, making it easy to adjust for your recording needs. I had a few friends over to record a little demo using some of the different modes and was pleasantly surprised at how the QuadCast S performed. Even in the omnidirectional mode, which is notorious for picking up excessive background noise, the voices came through loud and clear while sitting in the middle of my friend group.

The mute button on top of the microphone is also a great feature. It's easy to tap on and off, and although I was worried the touch sensor might not always work when I first got it, but it's been flawless for me for the past year. Plus, when the microphone is muted, the RGB lighting turns off, giving an easily recognizable visual cue to know when the mic is on or not.

The only downside to the QuadCast S is that HyperX's software to control the microphone —called Ngenuity — is not available on Mac. It doesn't affect performance at all, but it does mean you can't customize the RGB lighting when using the QuadCast S with your Mac, so you're stuck with the rotating rainbow pattern.

Now that you've picked up a great accessory don't forget to look at all the Apple Prime Day deals to save money this Prime Day!

Luke Filipowicz
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