These are the first five things you need to do in ARMS for Nintendo Switch

The most anticipated game announced with the Switch that wasn't available at launch has finally hit the Nintendo eShop and gaming stores around the world today! ARMS is a frenetic, all-motion game, which puts you in control of a pair of giant fantasy fists. Your objective? Throw punches in the real world to see those blows land on opponents and objectives in the game.

This is an exciting, ridiculously fast-paced game for both local and online gameplay, but before you put on your sweatbands and pretend like you're the greatest boxer of all time, there're a few things you should do.

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Take the bumpers off your Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

ARMS is meant to be played with a Joy-Con in each hand, and the game recommends you put the bumpers on so you can use the wrist-straps and keep everything safe.

Ignore these instructions.

Adding the bumpers makes the Joy-Con fit poorly in your palm, which is important for playing this game the way it was designed to be played. You're never going to use the additional buttons created by the bumpers in this game, so there's no actual reason to have them attached. Leave them off, and you'll be a lot happier.

Complete at least one Grand Prix

The single player mode in ARMS features your typical fight everyone tournament-style gameplay we've had in fighting games since before Mortal Kombat, and it's just as important now as it was back then. Take at least one character all the way through this tournament before you play online. The AI are intentionally slowed down in this mode, but it gives you a good idea of how the basic attacks work for each character. This makes those attacks easier to dodge when playing against more challenging opponents.

It's also a great opportunity to figure out what ARMS combinations you favor for whichever character you play as.

Check out the ARMS shop as quickly as possible

Not every character is going to have the exact weapon and combo set you want when you start out, but that doesn't mean you can't change that. Each victory in ARMS earns you points to be spend in the store. You can unlock new combo attacks through ARMS that better suit your needs, allowing you to eventually have the perfect character once you've earned enough points.

You can't shop for ARMS until you have at least 30 points, which is right around what you earn by completing our first tip.

Funny how that works!

Learn the extra moves

This game does not reward you for standing still. You need to be constantly moving to survive, and not just on the ground. Each character can jump, glide in every direction, and hold that position in air if need be. Staying still on the ground is how you get hit, either by your opponent or by one of the obstacles in the match.

It's usually a lot more difficult to arc ARMS up and down, so if you're really in need of a quality dodge remember your character exists in a three-dimensional space.

Be aware of your surroundings

Like every other Nintendo Switch game, ARMS can be played mobile. That means you can be out with friends and decide to play a game where you're all throwing punches in potentially public spaces. Please be careful doing this.

It's not necessary for you to put your full force behind a punch for ARMS, but whether you choose to or not it's important to keep an eye on who is around you when you play.

Most important of all, have fun!

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Russell Holly

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