Apple Car Honda MashupSource: LeaseFetcher

What you need to know

  • Some new concepts take previous Apple products and mash them up with existing cars.
  • There are five different concepts in total.

There has been a ton of talk about Apple Car of late which is probably why UK car leasing firm LeaseFetcher commissioned someone to create some concepts of what the Apple auto could look like. We've seen concepts before, but this time there's an interesting twist – all FIVE of the concepts are based on existing cars mashed up with existing or previous Apple products.

The image above, for example, is based on the Honda E car and the iconic iMac G3 as first spotted by 9to5Mac.

Honda went for a retro-modern fusion with the Honda E. Blending nostalgic design features of the first-gen Civic and modern electric car technology, the Honda E is certainly eye-catching - perfect for Apple's first electric vehicle market offering.

What better product to mashup a retro-inspired car with than the iMac G3? Celebrating its 23rd anniversary this year, you almost certainly remember this chunky desktop computer in your childhood classroom or old workplace. The iMac strayed from the boring beige box style of computers at the time, embracing an all-in-one design with a transparent back-end, available in five jazzy colours.

Other examples include the Hyundai Ioniq Electric x Apple Mouse concept, one that crosses the Nissan GT-R with the iPhone 12 Pro, and another that mashes up the Toyota Supra and iPod Classic.

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Apple Car Toyota MashupSource: LeaseFetcher

Our render mashes up the sporty Supra and the famous iPod Classic. Pictured in the Supra's Turbulence Grey, the alloys are styled like the iPod ClickWheel. The Supra's three-part grille is replaced with a minimal smooth sweeping front, with Apple's logo taking centre stage.

All of these concepts look stunning and it's difficult to pick a favorite. It's also great to see concepts that actually look like cars rather than the more, shall we say, futuristic aesthetics we've seen before.

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