The Think Board X2 is a whiteboard you can use with the cloud

Rocketbook (Image credit: Rocketbook)

What you need to know

  • Rocketbook has today announced its new Think Board X2.
  • It's a brand new digital whiteboard made in partnership with Think Board.
  • Built-in Rocketbook beacons let you capture, organize, and broadcast your scribbles via the cloud.

Rocketbook has today announced, in partnership with Think Board, the brand new Think Board X2, a reusable whiteboard that you can use to upload notes to the cloud.

In a press release, May 15, the company stated:

Rocketbook, maker of endlessly reusable notebooks and tools to digitize whiteboards, is pleased to introduce, in partnership with Think Board, the Think Board X2. Designed for students, teachers, and working professionals, the Think Board X2 is a reusable peel-and-stick whiteboard with built-in Rocketbook Beacons. Beacons allow you to capture, organize and broadcast important notes and diagrams in real-time, and share them to our favorite cloud services.

The idea looks stunning and is incredibly simple. The Think Board X2 is a reusable, peel-and-stick whiteboard, so you can apply it to any surface, like a desk, wall, fridge, or laptop. You can then use it like any other reusable whiteboard. Thanks to Rocketbook's beacons (the orange triangles in each corner), you can capture your ideas and scribbles quickly, organizing them and broadcasting them across a range of cloud surfaces. The Think Board X2 is aimed at students, teachers, and working professionals. The release continues:

You can capture and share perfect whiteboard images with a team of people in an instant with Think Board X2. To get started, write on the Think Board as you normally would any whiteboard, and then use the Rocketbook app to capture content. The Rocketbook app recognizes the Beacons in the corners and connects to the Think Board - even from steep angles - and then automatically crops content to make it even more crisp and vibrant than on the board itself. The Think Board X2 is made of adhesive material and can be put on essentially any flat surface, such as a desk or wall. It can be peeled off one surface and put on another, allowing you to use it almost anywhere. The Think Board X2 comes in a variety of sizes. Rocketbook is showcasing two desk-sized versions that allow for quick notes, scans, and real-time collaboration. Larger Think Board X2's can be mounted to your wall for a full whiteboard experience.

Think Board X

Think Board X (Image credit: Rocketbook)

The app can use shortcuts for cloud destinations like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, iCloud, Slack, and more. As the release mentions, the Think Board X2 comes in a couple of different sizes, ranging from just 8-inch x 11-inch to 3-foot x 2-foot.

Prices start at $12 for the former, $40 for the latter. You also get a dry erase marker and cloth.

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